Yes, I am back! I let Wes use the lap top computer since the internet account ran out for Counter Strike that he use to play in Andrew’s room. I figured if I let him play Rune Scape, he’d stay here and keep me company. Sad I know. But Wes did say he comes here to see US & he likes hangin with us.

Andrew turned on the fairy light TWICE yesterday! Maybe because Wes was here and ALWAYS asks if I turned on the light when he sees it on. He even called us one time to ask us about the light when Martin and I were out running errands. How sweet is Andrew.

Honestly, sometimes I swear Wes is channeling Andrew. He comes out with stuff just like Andrew. He catches me off guard and I just LMAO! I think he is getting messages from Andrew but just doesn’t really realize that that’s what it is. It feels good to have a teenage boy around the house even if it is part time. We have a lot of fun! But not in a Catholic priest or Michael Jackson, Jesus juice sort of way. LMAO Just wanted to make myself clear!! :-D

Anyway, Andrew had a new trick up his sleeve this morning. The internet was down this morning and when Martin went to check out the rouder, ALL the lights we on….except one. The POWER light was off! Hmmmmm how can ALL the lights be on and blinking and the power light be off! That’s like holding the plug to the tv and it’s on!

Martin then thinks, “Hmmm maybe the light is burned out.” Logical, right? Then Martin feels Andrew’s energy and its a big sigh like ‘seriously daddy???’. The light bulb goes on (over Martin’s head) and he sez “Good morning Andrew!” Right when he said that, the power light came on, on the rouder! Then Andrew sez “Good Morning to you Daddy!” :-D

So right when we think Andrew can’t shock us anymore, he pulls out another trick!


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8 Responses to NOW FOR MY NEXT TRICK…….

  1. kimberley says:

    That’s terrific, good times with Wes and Andrew. Let the good times roll!!!

  2. Leila says:

    WOW!!!! Look at all the money you could save on electric bills!!!!! :-) LOL

    Enjoy your visit with Wes it’s good for ((((both of you))))

    Love & Hugs

  3. admin says:

    Wes left this afternoon. It’s always sad for me when he leaves. He spent his whole spring break with us a few weeks ago. I think we help each other with our loss.

  4. Leila says:

    ((((Connie)))) yes you do help each other.

    sending waves of love to you and Wes.

  5. Karen T. says:

    So glad you have each other.

    And how cool is that with the computer!! WOW!

  6. Janet says:

    Very very cool. Nice to see that Andrew is still able to be a kid and continue to freak mom and dad out lol Kids will be kids :o) Gotta love em.

    Love to you ALL

  7. admin says:

    Having Wesley here really is great. I’m actually hoping that when we are traveling and doing shows that he will be able to come with us during the summer.

    Oh Janet, he is not only a kid to us here but he pulls the son card on the other side with my Higher Self! That will be in another blog post.

    I love it when Andrew can freak Martin out! I mean, that is really hard to do. Kudos Muck!

  8. Swati says:

    I love it that Wes is there with you guys. I pray he always is there. And the story about the lamp and the computer was really funny!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

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