Oh yes, this is about the movie w/Cameron Diaz that I will NOT be seeing. Martin and Andrew agreed that the Pretty Mama should not watch it. Having lived a lot of that, I have no desire to see it. Soooo not ready! BUT Martin apparently was. Andrew told him to watch it, not exactly sure why, but then again I may have an idea.

Martin said that he could not only feel Andrew sitting beside him while watching the movie, but Andrew also held his hand. Martin said the movie didn’t get to him until Taylor, Cameron Diaz’s daughter w/leukemia, her boyfriend entered the picture. Martin said Taylor reminded him of Andrew and that is when the tears fell. Andrew amped up the energy holding his Daddy’s hand during that. Martin said he had to hold his hand still in order to feel Andrew’s hand because when he moved his hand, Andrew’s energy would dissipate. I get that too when I feel Andrew’s hand on my head or 3rd eye, I hold still to take in his energy.
What Martin realized more than ever is how Andrew’s, actually our story needs to be told. Martin said that they glossed over Taylor’s passing and really didn’t honor the girl’s passing either. And for feck sake you don’t have to go anywhere (like Montana) other than right where you are right now, to connect with your TLO! Martin said that the movie made it sound like they couldn’t connect to their daughter/sister until they went on the trip to Montana once a year. B.S.! Not to mention the relationship between the parents. Andrew wants people to see the relationship between Martin and I, which is why he had us dance at his service. He wants people to see that even though the most devastating thing a couple/parents could go through, it brought us even closer together AND we used humor the whole way! If we could laugh even on the night that Andrew transitioned & at his service that WE performed, well then, NOTHING is off limits to us! There is a fine line and we apparently know what it is! ;-)

So, we are seriously looking at the book we are currently working on as being a movie. I want people to feel the power that is Andrew, the power that is Martin and I. I own that! OUR story needs to be heard and told and we won’t rest until we do!


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