Oh yes, I am STILL going through boxes from our storage unit and finding some things from the past that are ripping my heart out. On the whole I am doing pretty good, but every now and then I find something that gets to me. Tonight was one of those times.

Below is a card I found from Andrew that he had made me when he just turned 9yo. It was a form that had questions for the kids to answer about their mom. On the front of it was a sheep they colored and put cotton on and says, “I Love Ewe”

Andrew was born on Mother’s Day in 1991. This card is dated May 14, 2000, two days after his 9th birthday.



1.My Mom’s name is Connie Jordan

2.She was born in: fortloderdal Fl (actually it was Bricktown NJ but nice try)

3. Some of the different jobs my mom has had are: a watris (waitress) & nail shop

4. She now works at: a nail shop

5. My mom’s hobbies & interests are: mall shop

6.. My Mom’s favorite:

a. color: purple salad

c. sport; soft ball

d. kind of music; Irish music

e. number: 27 1/2 (it was ALWAYS my age back then)

7.The 3 things I enjoy doing most w/my mom are:

1. going to Shamrock Park

2. macing diner to gether  (Making dinner together)

3. macing breckfist to gether

8. My mom loves me best when: I make her breakfast mom looks prettiest: (get ready for this one) whenever I look at her. (oh yeah, that made me cry. This was the one that ripped my heart out)

10.I like being w/my mom most when: we go to Shamrock Park to get pine cones in the woods ( I had forgotten we did that)

11.My favorite thing about my mom is: the way she sings her own made up songs. (awww I forgot I did that too. Amazing what kids pay attention to & appreciate )

12.If I could give my mother something special it would be: 20 red roses for her room. (I LOVE this kid. He definitely woulda made someone a great husband!)

13. I will always remember the way my mom: looks whenever she takes me to pantes (?) she always looks pretty. (at least I always looked pretty. I just wish I knew where I took him) Update Andrew finally told Martin what “pantes” was, it’s parties, that makes more sense.

14.My mom makes me laugh when: she says oooooodoggie (LMAO! Also forgot about this one as well)

Love, Andrew

I am so glad I saved all of this stuff. It helps me to remember parts of my life that I had forgotten about, beautiful, precious moments that would have been gone forever. As a mom you can get all caught up in trying to survive, the stress of life, and not take the time to take in these beautiful moments money can not buy. It is still surreal to me that, that part of my life is behind me now.  You really think it’s going to last forever, but it does not. And sometimes it ends sooner than you expected. I love the fact that Elatia is drinking in every millisecond of Kaliana. She isn’t a stressed out mom trying to survive, instead she is a calm, peaceful mom that knows how to thrive! That is the best gift we can give our children, a happy, peaceful parent. I am so proud of her. While I wasn’t a perfect parent, they don’t exist, I think I did pretty darn good job!


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