Thanks to Lea…I mean Eunice and Maynard, it has inspired me to document my life on the “P and or Pee” List! Well, they and Kathy Griffin inspired this idea. I was going to call it, “My Life on the Z List” but P list seems to have won the vote so far since my comedy career gets pissed on all of the time. :-D

I was telling Elatia about “Psychic Boy” and I appearing on the Eunice and Maynard show on YOuTube, and I followed it up with “I bet Kathy Griffin doesn’t have to do shows like these!” LOL Then I had a light bulb moment. I decided to shake things up a bit with the blogging and start recording my life on the P list as I keep contacting places and keep getting turned down or no response at all. I figured why not share my pain of rejection with everyone? Also my struggle to get people to take notice of what we have to offer. And I don’t get to have these “P” experiences from a $3,000,000 house in the Hills! AND my “Team Jordan” is all imaginary! Ok, the people do exist but not on my Team Jordan yet, that’s still just in my head. You know, where I am a legend in my own mind. ;-)

I just know I gotta do something with myself because I can’t take much more of this sitting around waiting, waiting for more gigs or the sweet repose that is death! :-D (too dramatic) So I figured whin…I mean talking about my life on the P List might help pass the time waiting for either one to happen.
Now onto something sweet Andrew did for me. Most people wouldn’t have noticed it or thought anything of it, but I noticed. These are the signs that need to be noticed. These are the kind of signs people get from their loved ones but just brush them off as coincidence. Not me though, I know better.

I was driving in my car, working on tuning into Andrew being beside me like he use to be. I keep my purse on the floor to make room for him in the seat beside me. As I was coming to a red light, a tiny purple flower blew onto my front wind shield. Not a lot of them from the tree blowing close by, just one. It immediately reminded me of the very first flower Andrew had picked for me. I said “Thanks Muck! I love you too!” It was his way of letting me know he was indeed right beside me!

SO stay tuned for details where you can tune into on My Life On The P List on YouTube AND our appearance on The Maynard and Eunice Show.
IT’S ALL GOOD Here On The P List!

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6 Responses to MY LIFE ON THE P LIST!

  1. Swati says:

    Awwwww!! Andrew gave you a purple flower!!! Purple flower is what AAM first gave to me. :-D

    I wish I could help you with booking gigs…but I am useless at that. How is your book coming along? Did you send the proposal?

  2. Leila says:

    Did you appear on the Eunice and Maynard show??? Where’s the link????

    P list hmmm???
    P -playful
    P- Possibilities
    P -positive
    P -passionate
    P-pork chop (I think Sherry Lewis already has that one))
    Ahh the P is endless

    Thanks for letting your humble fans know how you’re doing
    We miss you when you don’t post…we love you regardless.
    (I’m sure it’s ok for me to say “we” if not then—it’s just me and the squirrel and I know that’s how *we* feel!!! LOL LOL LOL

    Love you Connie!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Leila –

    Witchy Woman and Psychic Boy will appear on the Maynard and Eunice Show on August 15th. The link for all episodes is – just keep it in your favorites and watch for ’em on the 15th! Hooo-weee!!!

    Connie –

    Bring it on! We can take it! And maybe, through your experiences, we’ll all realize ways we can help get you booked!



  4. admin says:

    So it’s going to air on my birthday! Very cool! I was going to have a party for my b-day, that was the day Andrew got to come home for 6 days last year. But if I have to plan it I’ll not bother. One minute something sounds like a great idea and the next minute I wonder why the hell I do this to myself.

    Maybe I can move up one day to those other P’s Leila, right now it’s more like Pee list! LOL

    Andrew’s first flower he gave me was purple. That’s how I knew it was him, that memory came right to mind when I saw it.

    I wish I could find someone that knew how to promote us Swati! I have been looking for that person for a while now. I really think I’d have an easier time finding a freakin unicorn! Maybe I should look for that instead! We sent out the proposal 2 weeks ago.

  5. Karen T. says:

    I jus’ luv that thar show an’ll sertanly be tunan in that day!

    And the purple flower…woohoo!

    I got a big one from my Mema a couple of weeks ago. We were leaving Walmart as a family on a day that had just been amazing for me. We have a new vehicle and I am not used to it yet, so I am looking for where we parked. As we go to walk to the aisle we were parked on, I see a car in the far row of the aisle in the first spot….right where I’d be sure to see it…with a license plate that said “I AM MEMA”! I had just been thinking about her for no good reason…well, except that she loved Walmart! Woohoo…love it!

    P- List…

    Psychic Boy and Pretty Mama

  6. Pretty Mama says:

    Now that’s a freakin sign Karen!! I just love signs like that!

    Martin and I were in the car the other day and a song came on that we haven’t heard in years on the radio. A song that came out when Martin’s Uncle Christy was in the hospital and it always reminds us of him. It’s the R.E.M. song “Hold On” Now the song was being sent to me. I could feel Christy and Andrew’s energy with the song.

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