What helps this grieving mama’s heart keep beating, is knowing that my son has access to so many more people now. People that probably would not have gotten the chance to experience him other wise, or the way that they get to experience him now. I know Andrew has not forgotten the people that were on this journey with us, praying for him, holding the space of health and well being for him, holding world wide healing circles for him, and sending so much love to him. Andrew appreciated everyone that did all those things while he was here dealing with leukemia, but now? It’s on a whole new level of appreciation.

Recently on my Facebook page, pictures of an ATP(r) friend’s 3 year old daughter, Elli, popped up. I was tagged in them for some reason. Then I see a post from her mother, Ape, (yes, it’s her nickname) saying that I was automatically tagged in them when she put them up. We both thought that was pretty weird. I kept the tags on, I figured why not, she’s a cute kid, I don’t mind her being on my page.

Well, a few weeks later I was tagged by Swati in one of Ape’s posts. Swati knew I was definitely going to want to see this post, and she was right. Now this was an amazing post! It’s one of those things that just makes my heart sing! Here is what Ape’s post said:

“Elli just walked up to the window, looked out and started yelling,” “Muck! MUUUUCK!! Muck! Come back! Muuck!” When I pulled out the camcorder, she stopped. “He comed in. He going in Elli’s room”

Ape was shocked by her daughter’s statement. Needless to say I was shocked too. I haven’t talked to Ape personally to find out if she talks about Andrew at all to Elli. What makes this so incredible is that most people refer to him as Andrew when talking about him. So for Elli to yell, MUCK! is just craziness! Unlessssss Elli was talking to him personally and that is what he told her his name was. Ape said that when she gets back from camping this week that she will post a video of Elli in the tub talking to Muck.

This is some wild weird stuff. My kind of wild weird stuff! It’s wild weird stuff that does a Pretty Mama’s heart good! If Muck is showing up to a little girl he’s never met, or I’ve never met for that matter, what do  you think I have to look forward to when Kaliana starting talking? A. LOADS! She is already showing signs that she sees him. Exciting stuff my friends! EXCITING stuff!

As times goes on and we do more of our shows, I am seeing that quite possibly our mission with Andrew is to educate parents on their psychic kids. Honestly, being psychic, connecting to Spirit is our natural state of being, but the stupid was taught in at a young age by society and religion.

I think my book is our first step in teaching parents about their children who are very intuitive. Instead of medicating their kids, or sending them to shrinks because they are seeing and talking to things that their parents don’t think are there, we teach parents to LISTEN to their child. What a concept! Parents need to wake up because their children certainly are very awake! Parents need to step out of the old paradigm that no longer serves the children of today. Actually, the old paradigm didn’t really serve children in any place in time. The old paradigm is about control. Children today are not willing to settle for the status quo like generations past. They think outside the box, for them the box does not exist. They are creative, free thinkers and parents need to support their child in this, and not allow the school system to squash it like they tried to do with Andrew. Like I said in a previous post, I have found Elatia’s & Muck’s old school work and report cards. To read what they said about our Muck, you just wouldn’t believe it was the same kid. I will put it in another blog post because this one is getting long and I know I am going to get on a soap box once I start quoting his teachers’ comments. I was nearly getting on one here. Some might say I already got on my soap box.

Bottom line is, we need to be in our child’s corner. NO ONE knows your child better than you do. Listen to your child and THEY will tell you what they need. So “NEVER substitute your own judgement for someone elses” ~Dr Phil~ “That Dr Phil really knows his stuff!” ~The Muck 9yo~


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