Mucking Around

Late last night I get a surprise text from J.R. Surprise in the fact I don’t get texts from him that often. He says he’s watching a show on A&E called “The Glades” where there is a little black boy named Declan, the name Elatia picked for a boy. She picked the name before she was pregnant and now supposedly they haven’t decided if they would name a boy Declan. (shhhhhh don’t tell them, but that is his name ;-) ) Now, if they needed any proof that they need to stick with that name, here it is, this boy Declan belongs to a gang called what? They are called the “Muck Boys!” Hellllllooooooooooo! The name of the episode? “Mucking it up!” I don’t think you can get any clearer than that! Andrew is all over this! I mean, Declan is an Irish name and this little black kid’s name is Declan? Seriously! What are the odds that the name Declan and Muck would be in the same episode on any show! Slim to nil! My odds for the lottery keep growing! ;-)


Foot note. We were talking about this today (8/13/10) and that is when I got the hit that this wasn’t just a sign from Andrew, BUT from the baby as well! Because what’s this baby going to be when he hits this dimension? One of “Muck’s Boys!” :-D Martin said Andrew is working with Declan now, preparing him for his journey here. Well, he couldn’t have a better teacher!

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