Andrew wanted to take Martin out for dinner for Father’s Day. Of course we had to go to Long Horns. It’s been the tradition for many years. Well, nearly 9yrs now. Elatia always works on holidays so we go there when we are going out.

We get in the car and it starts, then dies, starts, then dies, starts, then dies, you get the picture. It was running great yesterday when we went to and from Brandon which is close to 70 miles one way. I have a 2001 Lexus RX300 that I got for my 40th b-day. The kids helped me pick it out, and it just plain kicks ass! It is such a great car, still rides like a dream and has never left me stranded, well, except for once at the clown house. Our battery died after 6yrs which is amazing! They usually go after 4yrs apparently. We weren’t driving much while in hospital & we may have left the inside light on which is why the battery gave out.

So we call Jeremy to see if he can give us a ride to Long Horns and we would use Elatia’s car to go home. I go inside to sulk. Martin gets in the car and says “Ok Andrew, I have had a great day & want it to continue, what’s going on with the car?” Martin feels Andrew’s energy move to the back of the car. Martin feels Andrew’s energy go through the exhaust pipe and move through the car to the front under the hood. Then Andrew says “Try it again Daddy.” Martin starts the car and Andrew tells him to keep his foot on the gas then slowly lift his foot off the gas a little at the time. Andrew was using terms Martin uses in his meditation poking fun at him. LMAO! Martin got a chuckle out of it, but then told him to focus! Martin lifted his foot off the gas and it kept running!

Jeremy showed up and the car was still running. Since he was there and could give us ride if need be, we decided to test the car and turned it off. It started up again no probs! The car sounded like it’s ole self and drove like it too! We went and got some fuel injection stuff for the gas. Who knew Muck was a mechanic? :-)

Then when we got to Long Horns, Martin hears a song playing. He was all happy about it. I asked him why he had such a goofy smile on his face. He explained that he asked Andrew for a Neil Young song for a present. It was Martin’s fav Neil Simon song, “Heart Of Gold,” that was playing at Long Horns when we got our seat. It just validated that Andrew was with us to enjoy some steakie goodness too! He’s a good son!


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5 Responses to MUCK THE MECHANIC

  1. Leah Clark says:

    So instead of calling AAA, we should call APH? LOLOLOL!!!!

  2. admin says:

    Hmmmm u may be onto something Leah! We can charge a yearly fee too!

    We have Andrewham, we may now have AA Andrewiel LOL LOL so we could still call him AAA! :-D

  3. Leah Clark says:

    (visual note – I’m seeing Martin doing this in a cheerleader’s outfit. LMAO!!!)

    Triple A Andrew – Triple A! *rah rah*
    Triple A Andrew – Triple A! *rah rah*
    When you call, he’s always there
    To take away your worries and cares
    Everything he does is a hit
    And he won’t let you stay in your shit!
    Triple A Andrew – Triple A! *rah rah*
    Triple A Andrew – Triple A! *rah rah*

  4. admin says:

    I can sooooo see him in it too! Probably because I have seen him in one! Ooops! TMI! LOL

    Kewl, now we have our Andrew/PureHeart cheer! Thx Leah!

  5. Leah Clark says:

    I want… er… I mean, WE want pics of that! LMAO!!!

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