I have mentioned before how Martin can be “The Muck’s” puppet. Martin will say he doesn’t want to do something and as he is telling Muck, “NO! You can’t make me!” Martin is already on his way to doing it. Dance puppet dance! Tee hee hee! Well, last night was no different. Muck did a bit of his own glamoring on Martin. Kind of like the glamoring Martin did on the “po po” that showed up for “The Muck’s” 18th birthday party in May 2009.

There has been several of us that have been on Martin’s case about applying for a few different talent reality shows. X-FACTOR being one if he could do one of HIS songs, and a new songwriting reality show competition. Martin is ALWAYS saying, “NO! I will NEVER do a reality show! NO! NO! NO!” Of course that doesn’t stop any of us from constantly bringing it up to him.

Martin is sitting last night at the his computer in his newly cleaned & organized man cave/recording studio, scrolling down on the Facebook news feed. Well before he knows it, he realizes he is half through the X FACTOR application! Martin was like, “WTF?! How’d this happen?” He checks in with “The Muck” and Muck is standing there with his hands behind his back, looking all around and whistling like, “I’m sure I have no idea what you are referring to Daddy.” Hahahahaha I was laughing my ass off when Martin told me that!

Martin’s friend Jeremy had “liked” the X-FACTOR page I guess. So Andrew took advantage of it and showed Martin a shiny object, or glamored him in order to defer his attention to what he was actually going to be doing next. Filling out an X-FACTOR application. Dance puppet dance! hahahaha Martin couldn’t de-glamorize himself until half way through filling out the application? hahahahaha That’s my boy! “Muck the Glamor-er” but the application still isn’t done. Oh well, it’s a start, we’re half way there.


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  1. Karen T says:

    I can see Martin in his black T and pj bottoms with strings attached…LMAO!!

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