to the big time!

It dawned me on the other day that it is time to STEP IT UP! It finally dawned on me why I kept drawing the “Raise Your Standards” card. I thought “Geeez! I have pretty lofty standards! WTF?” BUT here lies the issues my kiddies, while I could see my self at point B, at big venues holding thousands, I wasn’t even on the alphabet board to get there! I wasn’t at point A.

We’ve been hitting the metaphysical stores and churches but not getting anywhere! They are either sick, dieing, closing down or don’t get it. SO who does?

In for a penny, in for a pound I say! We will be contacting Mishka Production who put on the “Celebrate Your Life” conferences that Wayne Dyer, & all the a-list metaphysicians do. A Mind Body Spirit Expo I see Steven Farmer will be at, The Lightworker Conf, and any others we can find! If someone gets sick it doesn’t all fall apart. If you know of any other expos that would be a good fit for us let us know.

I also had the balls to contact the owner of Build A Bear. I’m on the local store’s “Fav Guest List,” my picture is even hanging in the back with The Muckersaurus, so they were more than helpful on how to contact Maxine, the CEB (Chief Executive Bear) :-D I emailed her wondering if she would partner w/us in making a “PureHeart It’s All Good Bear” one with the PH symbol on it. A light green bear with dark green PH symbols all over it. I figured it could be a way to raise $ for the LLS.

While she politely told me why they were un-able to help me with my idea, here is what she did say: “What we could do if this would help you, is produce a bear for you or at least a special tee that could go on a bear that you could sell to support your cause. If you are interested, let me know.” I emailed her back asking for details. I guess well see. I thought it was very cool that she got back to me personally.
So no more asking small venues for us anymore. We’ll only be going after the expos or bigger theaters that are use to promoting & getting butts in seats! We’ll only go back to those venues that have supported us & ask us to come back. We ain’t calling anymore.
Martin has been busy for a few days now revamping our press kit so it is ready to go now. Here is the link you can copy and past cause I’m tired of the links not working for me:

Honestly, if these bigger expos can’t see what an amazing thing we offer, well I’m all outta ideas then.
If we aren’t going to get anywhere with the smaller venues, I’d rather get no where with the bigger ones! If we are going down, we are going down knowing we went after the big guns! Then I know we have done everything we could! The fact we performed & worked for Dr Doreen Virtue’s AATP/ATP(r) class, and Steven Farmer is allowing us to say that he suggested we contact these bigger expos, we ought to get somewhere. If not, well then it is time for me to go! At least I went out fighting!


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  1. Karen T. says:

    I am holding space for you guys soaring! Someone out there has got to get it. I know I’m not crazy on this. Woohoo! Celebrating now!!

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