Mother/Son Time

I am constantly fascinated how Andrew communicates with me. He makes it a game to help me focus and pay attention. Even with Martin being Psychic Boy, Super Natural Hero, he doesn’t get all the answers either. That’s not what life is about. Andrew can help guide us, but he can’t live our lives for us or tell us everything. Yes, that can suck and you’d think we’d have an in or something with the other side, having raised an Avatar and all, but that is a big, fat, NOPE! It just doesn’t work that way, not even for us. :-( He can give us clues to get us to tap in and get us to pay attention. Like he did for me the other day and yesterday while on my jog.

So while on my jog the other day, I notice something on the sidewalk. I had never noticed it before. I am not sure how long it has been there. I noticed this word written in bleach, yes, someone did this in bleach or a power washer, I get the familiar feeling that is Andrew’s energy. The word on the sidewalk was MOM. I thought that was way cool. I jog a bit further and I see the word DAD on the sidewalk. He’s really getting my attention now. So now I’m really paying attention and wondering what else Andrew’s got for me because I just know he does have more. Of course he delivers. I jog a bit further and I see a happy face also done in bleach. I thanked Andrew for the sign, and a new blog post! YAY! I finally have something to blog about, but he wasn’t done yet.

He’s been up to something because he’s been giving us crazy signs about something we have coming up. It’s been really happy signs. Very joyful feeling signs, and after what we have been through these past 6 months, I’m ready for things to go our way in a big way! Not sure what it is all about, so I ask him, “do we have some really great stuff coming up?” I don’t get an immediate answer. But when I got home from my jog I got another sign that answered my question, well sorta. It was answered in an Andrew way.

I go into Martin’s office closet and some papers fall over and amongst them is a picture of Andrew I don’t remember ever seeing. It’s the only picture amongst the papers. It was a picture of Andrew at Elatia’s wedding. He has the biggest grin on his face. Such a fabulous picture of him. it is just so joyful. I get his energy again & I hear, “does that answer your question Mama?” I believe it did. Again, he can’t give away the farm, but he can give us clues. It really does keep you on your toes!

Martin said he was getting happy signs too, like we had something great coming up. God knows we have enough irons in the fire! So when he asked Andrew about it, all he got from him was a “sit tight Daddy.” Ok then, I guess that’s what we have to do for now.

On my jog yesterday I decided to bring my cell phone to take pictures of my side walk signs for my blog. I was excited I had something to blog about finally. I was chatting to Andrew about the sidewalk signs, wondering why I hadn’t noticed them before. Was it because Andrew just brought my awareness to them now? Were they just not there before?

As I was jogging wondering if Andrew was behind all this, thank you ego for that, I get the nudge to look down. What do I see? A spray painted red heart a little bit before the other signs on the sidewalk. I didn’t notice that the other day on my jog. How cool is that!? He always knows what to do when I have any doubts. I don’t really doubt, it’s just nice to have the validation of what you are feeling.

I take the pictures and continue to jog with a big ole grin on my face listening to my iPod while I felt Andrew’s energy surrounding me. I was rounding the corner just past my signs, when he solidifies everything for me with the song, “I’m Still Here” by Johnny Reznik on my iPod. The song Martin and I danced to at Andrew’s service. But he wasn’t done yet. The next song that came on after that was the Goo Goo Doll’s, “Isis.” Those lyrics really hit home for me on that day.

Things like this are NOT coincidences, they are signs from our loved ones. I was feeling his energy so strong now. Andrew was jogging right there with me like he use to when he was here. I had tears of joy as I continued my jog, knowing Andrew was right there by my side. I get another nudge, but to look up this time, and what do I see? Well, to me it looked like a heart. You be the judge for yourself below, but for me, and Martin for that matter, it was a heart.

I just love that I still get to have my mother/son times with my amazing son, just in a new way. Do I miss the hugs and kisses, and the “Who’s my PrettyMamas?” of course I do!! Beyond belief I miss the physical presence of my beautiful boy. But, because I am open to it, I still get to have him in my life, just in a new way, and that is better than the alternative. I will take these mother/son times any day over not having anything at all with him. He’s a good son! The pictures are below, enjoy.


FOOT NOTE: On my jog today, the red heart was NOT there. It look like spray paint so not easily washable. Things that make you go hmmmmmm….


Andrew letting me know he is still on my jogs w/me

Andrew letting me know he is still on my jogs w/me

Andrew letting me know he's "on it" for us

Andrew letting me know he’s “on it” for us

Andrew letting me know that, as always, It's All Good!

Andrew letting me know that, as always, It’s All Good!

Andrew Affirming I was on the right track about the sidewalk signs

Andrew Affirming I was on the right track about the sidewalk signs

Andrew sending me another heart to make sure I know how much I am loved!

Andrew sending me another heart to make sure I know how much I am loved!


That winning smile!!

That winning smile! The pic I found amongst the papers. Magick is afoot!

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