What I have been doing is adding more to the book in the posts I have already done. I have added even more in the PICU and in the Wonder Years. It’s easier for me to add to the posts to keep them together.

BTW Jeremy, I did add a snippet about you in the PICU, I did it so I knew where to put your part of the story in. Read it and write what you want me to put in there about that Saturday when you came up for the 1st time with your metaphysical Dr.’s bag o’tricks!

Wesley has been on my laptop most of the time and I have to ask for it so I try and get as much done as I can but I do it in bits and pieces.

Yesterday I was going through past posts from Oct to start the Ascension part of the proposal. That has hit me the hardest, reading about Andrew’s last week here with us. I will probably rewrite it because it will be easier than going back, reading, trying to find what posts I’m looking for. I couldn’t write about his actual ascension when it happened so I am having to go through all these posts trying to find it, which I thought would be easier but it is not! I realize how far I have come since then. I didn’t think I had, but I have. I’m not as big a mommy muggle as I was. They are more moments spread out over longer periods of time between them now.
That is why I wasn’t on last night. There is no way I could have started this book sooner, I’m wondering if even now is a good time but our one contact for Hayhouse we may not have for long so I need to get the proposal done now! The proposal is harder than writing the damn book!

If no publisher picks us up then it will be awhile before any books are done! I ain’t writing them! Why put myself through all this to have another 900 books sitting on my self? Assuming I could sell 100 that is.

Hopefully the proposal will be done this week and I can release it! It will be outta my hands & I don’t have to worry about it anymore! I’ve done my part! Then I can just sit here and babble on like I do! :-)



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  1. Swati says:

    I pray that people WILL buy this book…for their own good! As for me, I want the FIRST copy of the book! Lol…I don’t know how you will determine which copy is the first, but I want it…definitely!

    This will be a book for everyone who has lost someone dear to them, to go through this, and know they are not alone…someone out there went through it too, and wrote about it in the greatest of details…and that someone even reasures you that life truly goes on…even if non-physically. It will help people so much…so I hope to God that a publisher picks it up, and knows what this is all about…I hope to God people buy it because it will only do THEM good.

    Let us know what we can do to help to sell this book. I remember Martin had sent out an email for your last book where we could offer something to the people who bought the book. I had loved the idea, but I had no clue what I could offer. Even now I don’t, but I will figure something out. If you have any suggestions, let me know. This book HAS to be a success.

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