First another freakie deakie

Martin and I were talking again this morning about our Muck. He makes it so easy when he freaks us out! lol

Martin got up this morning and Merlin wanted down after Martin was out of the bedroom so I put him down. Which is unusual because he Merlin stays in bed with me. Didn’t think anymore about it until Martin asked me if I let Merlin outside. “Huh?? What? Uh No, why?” I asked. Because when Martin went outside, Merlin was sitting in the sun already! Abuh????

Martin would have seen him go out if he had pushed the back door open, he can see that from the couch. SO we guess Andrew must of done some of his hocus pocus and got Merlin out side by just transporting him! Like he did the crystal right in front of Martin. Can you imagine Merlin?? LOL Like “HUH?? How the hell did I just get out here??” I’m LMAO

Every morning when Merlin and I get up together, he runs for the back door, he waits for me to come over and open it. He’s never pushed the door open. So yea, there can only be one explanation…Muck strikes again! :-D I think he likes watching Martin and I trying to explain it logically and failing! I know Muck’s ROFLHOA!

Then Martin and I are having a conversation about Muck and how he is an Earth Bender. Martin is an Air Bender and when he checked the symbol for it, it’s the 3 spirals that has been Martin’s symbol for a long time and now he knows why, it confirms for him that he is an Air Bender. The Earth Bender symbol is the acorn and oak leaf. Muck always loved that symbol. I won’t get into what all this is because that is some real freakie deakie info and it would take more than this blog to explain it. Watch the Japanese anime “Avatar,” it will give you some what of an idea of what I’m talking about. Andrew said that cartoon is very real, that’s why he loved watching it, it resonated with him on a deep level. It wasn’t just a cartoon to him.

Martin then said that’s why Andrew wasn’t interested in past life regressions and other stuff like it other than meditation. I remember Andrew saying about PLR, “I know who I am, I don’t need to know who I was.” He said that when he was like 12!

He wasn’t into any of that PLR stuff because he was here to be a kid and if he was to acknowledge who he really was, he wouldn’t have been a kid anymore, he knew how powerful he was, he knew what he came here to do and he did it with such amazing grace! Like I’ve said many times before, we are very blessed to have him as our son!


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  1. Tammy says:

    Wow, I have ALOT of reading to catch up on….for Andrews Birhtday, I have decided to name every donation I make after him….for example, I was at the Vitamin Shoppe & they wanted a donation to “stamp” out childhood blindness….there it dawned on me to donate in Andrews honor; so I donated 5 bucks to Children’s Miracle Network & whenever there is a drive for anything the money will be donated in his name…….
    Sorry I have not been reading….I am actually going threw a transition of major works myself!!! But I will try to not let that detour me anymore!!!!

    Love you

  2. Karen T. says:

    I just love reading about the happenings at your house and all the fun Andrew is having and sharing with you! Yep, truly blessed!!

  3. admin says:

    We really are the Adams family aren’t we Karen??? LOL I forget how weird most people probably think we are! That’s ok, I’m all about the weird! People thought Andrew was odd when they first met him, then they got to know him and still thought he was odd but loved him anyway. :-) I heard that from Wes’s grandma and Cory and CJ’s mom. We embrace our weirdness!

    That is awesome Tammy! I know Andrew appreciates donations in his name and I’m sure will let you know that he does, so be aware. Still no word from the places in So-Cal I contacted. Ah geez, I hope I don’t break down and call the Learning Light! That was a great list you sent me! How did you find it?
    Oh yea biotch! Catch up reading already! Altho I did hear you were seeing airplane guy. Very good! :-)

    I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve been to So-Cal! I haven’t gone a year not being there in 6 years! WTF???

  4. Dana says:

    Hey Connie – we are all about the weird too! *lol!* I lurve the Merlin story:

    I think he likes watching Martin and I trying to explain it logically and failing!

    LMAO! Isn’t that most of us though? :-D

    Oh come on now! Explain the Earth Bender thingy! Either that, or I’ll have to ask my hubby and kids about the anime! They are most into their anime. Tis coolio cuz tis one of the things that they’ve always shared with their Dad!

  5. admin says:

    Now Dana, I’ve already scared enough people away with some of my posts either due to, too emotional OR too woo woo. :-) You’ll have to ask the hubby and kids about the Element Benders. See if they know about the anime Avatar. Andrew’s myspace, Kakashi, is all about the anime…….and John Denver of course! lol

    I like to make absolutely sure there is no logical explanation first before we jump to the woo woo explanation. That way people know that we are having some REAL freakie deakie stuff happening, & it’s not just in our heads. Martin tends to jump for the woo woo first, since that’s where he spends most of his time anyways! :-D

  6. Swati says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!! That is absolutely neat!!!!!! Did it freak Martin out as before, or is he getting used to it all now and doesn’t even bat an eyelid? Does it ever freak you? I love to read these. Don’t worry about chasing people away. you didn’t chase anyone away. People come and go as per their own wishes and whatever else. Their going away has nothing to do with what you write. In fact what you write is a lot of fun, and gives people more faith and proof about what is beyond what we can physically see.

  7. Tammy says:

    I can’t believe it has been a year either….IT SUCKS!!!!!I will be on the look out…for the list I just googled Metaphysical Churches & picked the best link…list to send you!! Seek & you shall find….hehehehe OH NO Not the learning light!!!!! YIKES….I beseech you not the learning light…..
    awwwwwwwwwwww…it burns my eyes! The plane guy YEAH the plane guy!!! It has been 2 weeks since I have talked with him….but we are so NOT done! LOL….anyway….I look for signs from Andrew….mine mostly come in the date of his ascension…but I will keep my eyes out for more…and as for his finding the tree with that clap & smile of his…I like that memory of him best because there was such PURE joy on his face when he did that!!!
    Love you

  8. admin says:

    LOL LOL Tammy, that’s right, you would know that clap and grin of his, it is the absolute best!! I miss that so much in the physical but I do see him doing it with my third eye. He was doing it tonight on the way home. I will blog about that later. ;-)

    I googled too and found some decent lists as well but only 1 response so far which I’m thrilled about! Mwwwwa!!

    Martin seemed to handle this pretty good, only a minor freak out Swati :-) I love it when he does these things.

  9. Dana says:

    S’ok…I asked #2 son about ‘Avatar’. He says tis one of his fav animes of all time. But he corrects that is American and not Japanese. He tis a fan of the Water Bender Element thingy. Tis the symbol (?) of folks who do Tai Chi. He says he signed up for Tai Chi because of it (he’s been practicing Tai Chi for 20 months now! He also reminded me that he asked for it for Chrimbo and that Santa has been greatly remiss in the present duties!

    *sticks tongue out at son and makes a mental note for next Chrimbo*


  10. admin says:

    My bad, Andrew watched so much Japanese anime like Naruto, Inuasha and others I assumed Avatar was too.

  11. Dana says:

    Hey! I watched Outlaw Star and that was about it. I kind of glaze over in the Anime rental store whilst kids and hubby make their selections. We shop there so much, we have ‘honored customer’ status.

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