Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect this Christmas, it being our first without our Muck here physically. Muck just loved his Christmas! Scene: about 3:00a.m. Christmas morning. The tree is on, as we keep it on all night, & Sound Scapes channel is on the tv the scent of pine in the air. Not from the tree but from glade plug ins or candles. The house looks & smells Christmasie.

For about the past 15 yrs, Andrew gets up and goes into the living room chair to sit, rock, meditate and covet the presents under the tree for 3, sometimes 4 hours. He becomes one with the presents! :-D He patiently sits, rocks, and waits till 6a.m. At that time he comes in and stands over me, I feel his presence first, to let me know that it is 6a.m. and time to get up and open his much meditated over pressies. I beg for more time, nope, ain’t happening!

I so desperately want to stay asleep! But Andrew won’t hear of it! And who could turn down that big grin of his!? He’s so excited! So, tired and crusty eyed, Martin and I drag ourselves to the living room & we watch him open his presents very slowly and methodically. He is so funny to watch! A touch of OCD or something! LOL Martin and I really enjoyed watching him! He appreciated everything he got! After he was done he would say “This is the best Christmas EVER!” I would then remind him that he says that every year. He then would say ” I mean it every year!” And he really did!

How were we to make up for all that? Of course we can’t. This is the first time in 27 yrs. we have no kids for Christmas morning. Sad to say the least. Andrew had showed me what he wanted us to do. I wanted to be in Ireland for Christmas and not be here, anywhere but here! Andrew wasn’t having it! SO we did what he wanted and the rewards were BIG! I mean HUGE! He gave me the bestest present EVER! More on that later.

I got up at 5:50a.m. I didn’t sleep well for various reasons. I decide to go into Andrew’s room and sit in his comfy, rocker recliner where he spent so much time and connect with him. It was hard because I was missing him so much! BUT I didn’t cry! 1 point for me! I then get up and go into our room to get Martin up. It was time to carry on Muck’s traditions without him here….physically.

Martin gets up no probs and we make our way to the living room & we begin. I had 2 special gifts for Martin from Andrew besides the Wii ;-) One was a photo box from Things Remembered. Martin wanted one for the pictures of Muck. I did one up better than that and got one engraved! It says “GlanCroi” 1st line & “Our Mucker” underneath.

When Martin saw it he started to cry! Well, what do you think that did to me? SO we were hugging each other and having a moment. Then Martin heard, “Stop crying Daddy!” Yea, but then there was tear jerker pressie # 2! *evil laugh* Martin then opened up the present Andrew wanted me to replace the one that got broke. It’s a ceramic star that has 2 peas in a pod on it. I had the girl put 2007 on the top. The names Muck and Daddy, one under each pea, and underneath it said “I Love You Daddy!”

YUP! Another moment! Another “Stop Crying Daddy” We felt him so strong with us as we opened our presents to one another. It was special! It was intimate and sacred as we honored our son.

We went back to bed to rest for when Elatia and Ed came over for a proper Irish breakie. Irish bacon and sausage, potato bread, baked beans (ewww) and eggs.

Soon after we got up, Andrew’s friend Wesley came by. We dropped off a present for him from Ireland the other day. He hasn’t been over since Andrew ascended. He came in and helped us out with our Wii. We talked about Andrew. He had questions, we had answers. He admitted to being angry about Andrew’s leaving. I told him that I totally understood. But he also realized that Andrew was to good for this plane. I was kinda surprised he said that. Even he could see that at 13 yrs. old. I tried to help him make sense of all this. It was nice to have Wesley around again. I know he misses Andrew very deeply.

It was a nice day as everyone was having a crack at the Wii games, except me. I haven’t done it yet. I like to watch, like some Peeping Tom, but will give it a go soon! Later we went to Denise’s for an amazing dinner with our artist friends who made the crystals with Andrew’s ashes in them & did my fantasy/part life portrait which is going to be in a local magazine in Jan!

Now on to my best present ever! I walk down the hall to go in my room for something this morning after we opened our presents. I looked into Andrew’s room, like I do every time I walk by it, hoping one of these times I will see him in there as usual rockin in his chair, listening to music or sitting at his computer looking for more John Denver videos on Youtube while playing with his hair, and will have awoken from the nightmare. No such luck.
While his room still didn’t have Andrew in it, this time something was very different! I called Martin over to ask him if he had anything to do with what I saw. He said no. When I told him that it wasn’t me either, Martin was a little freaked out…in a good way. What did we see??

What we saw was the big, colorful dragon that Doreen Virtue gave Andrew back in July, that has been sitting on his dresser BEHIND his chair securely for months, was now sitting ON his wolf pillow IN his recliner like someone placed him there!!!! Well, someone did! AND it wasn’t me or Martin and I know my short, 8 lb wiener dog didn’t do it either! Hmmmmm wonder who it could be??? There’s only 1 person, well Avatar it could’ve been! ;-)

HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT! A. EXTREMELY!!!! It was the best present Andrew ever could’ve given me!!

SO I guess saying to him “You’re a big, hot shot Avatar, show me what you got!” paid off! :-D Glad he didn’t smite me for that one! LOL  I think he was showing me just a small piece of the kind of magick that we will have coming into our lives with him!

Now when I get sad and miss him, all I have to do is look at that dragon and KNOW he is here with us!!

Andrew made sure that Martin and I had a very nice Christmas. We didn’t think it was possible, we weren’t expecting it, but we did! What should have probably been the hardest day since his ascension, has actually been the best day since he ascended! He really is a good child and brings no bother to the door!…or Veil for that matter! :-D

We hope your Christmas was a Merry one!!!


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  1. Jane says:

    Connie – I am so glad that the day was better than you expected. And that dragon certainly got your attention, didn’t it? It was lovely that Wesley felt comfortable enough to come around and spend some time with you, Martin and Andrew. You did good kiddo. :o)

  2. Swati says:

    THIS is the blog entry I was waiting for as I told you in my email Connie! Yayyyyy!!! The dragon! I knew Andrew would do something that will be EXTRA special for you this Christmas. I just knew it!! : ) :) :) :) :).


  3. Dana says:

    The dragon was an extra cool touch! It’s wonderful that you had a very Merry Christmas indeed!

  4. Leah Clark says:

    Cool – and spooky! LOL So glad you got that extra touch for Christmas! I have to say, though, that I think it’s totally not fair for Andrew to give such touching presents and then say “Don’t Cry!” I mean, come on! LOL

  5. Anna Taylor says:

    Ahh, that is very wow and beautiful! YAY I’m so glad that happened! YES what a cool present! Thank you Andrew!

    Lots of love to you all this Christmas!

    Anna xxxx

  6. Karen T. says:

    How cool is that!! And on Christmas! I was thinking about you on and off all day Connie…the Mama Gene in me was so worried for yours and the Avatar made sure you were better than fine! He IS a good kid huh!

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