I’ve not been feeling well this week at all. I had a horrendous sore throat to start, then a cough, lost my voice. Both have calmed down and are on their way out, but I’m still feeling pretty tired from the weird sleep patterns. Last night was my first night sleeping in bed all week, I’ve been on the couch waking every 2 hrs. Baaa waaa baaaa waaa baaaa waaa. Anyway, here’s a story for ya….

Something very funny happened today, well very funny to us anyways. We live in a Mennonite area. For those who may not know, Mennonites are an off shoot of the Amish. They usually ride those big tricycles, and wear those, those, well let’s just say those less than fashionable, drab colored clothes. Some actually do drive and have cell phones, go figure. To me, if you’re gonna have the car and cell, just get some fashionable clothes with color then too!

When we owned our metaphysical store, there was a Mennonite owned produce store a few doors down. They were always very polite and a pleasure to deal with. Andrew always referred to the male Mennonites as Zeik (Zeek) or Zebadiah. Andrew had a funny way of saying it too. It was from an old Taco Bell commercial. Him and I would always say those names in the funny way around the store or when we saw Mennonites on trikes. :-)

SO as we were standing outside of a plaza today, working on booking a local gig, Martin is chatting with me when he starts laughing, I couldn’t figure why he was laughing. Martin proceeds to tell me that he heard, “Zeik.” As he’s looking around to see where it’s coming from, he “sees” where it’s coming from as he hears “Zebadiah” next. There were Mennonites riding their trikes on the side walk in the front of the plaza, that Martin didn’t notice until he heard the 2nd name “Zebadiah.”  That’s when he realized it was Andrew he was hearing.

Well, I couldn’t help but laugh then too because that is SO Andrew! He loves his Mennonites! ;-)


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  1. Karen T. says:

    Okay…I see them all the time on the way to do certain errands. Now I’m gonna have Zeik in my head…LOL.

  2. admin says:

    Not Zebadiah too? :-)

  3. Swati says:

    I had never heard of Mennonites. “Mennonites” sounds like some kind of a mineral to me.

  4. admin says:

    They dress like the Amish, kinda Pilgrim like. Unlike the Amish, they do have electric some actually drive but a lot still do the trike thing.

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