Oh yea, u know there’s a parody waiting to be born w/ that title! :-)

This is my first chance to get on. The internet isn’t working on our lap tops in our room baaawaaaaa! So I have to use the one in the parent room and it’s not as comfortable as sitting in the recliner w/my computer on my lap. :( So I won’t be able to say all that I want. But I’ve made notes on what I want to write about so I don’t forget anything! Lucky you!

He had a fantastic day today! He was so happy to be feeling so much better. Giving him a butt load (yea, pun intended :lol ) of platelets did the job. So it must have been a small (altho u couldn’t tell that by wot was coming outta him) intestinal bleed. He has color in his lips again! :dog He was his usual witty self which makes a mama gene’s :hugkiss heart sing!

Andrew said he knows what a vampire feels like now because he was a wanting some blood big time! ;) He is learning so much about his body. He is having some great conversations with his body. I mean not only is he talking but he is listening to what his body is telling him.

He said today he had a vision that his cells were all lined up infront of him and ready to talk. They told him that they didn’t like everything that was being done to them. He said “I can help fix that if you will work with me.” Cells: “What do we have to do?” Andrew: “We are going to get brand new stem cells coming in so we ALL can stay healthy. I need u to welcome them in with open arms and love them so they want to stay and cause no problems.” Cells: “We can do that” Andrew: “As soon as we do this we can go home and only have to come back for check ups.” So it appears everyone is in agreement. He has a chat with them everyday. I will explain more about this later. We talk to crystals and rocks and trees so talking to ur cells makes perfect  sense! :-)

I found out they have 3 donors lined up. The first hasn’t responded and 2 others are all ready coming in for interviews. They have 200,000 local people to chose from!!!:belly
:hula I salute these donors!! :HAILB :HAIL :HAILB Apparently after everything is done we may be able to meet the donor if they are willing. It would be wonderful to meet the donor who saved my son’s life.

The benefit was incredible! I had such a much needed good time! When Leah sang, Let Well Being Flow, I called Andrew and held up the phone. I spoke to the audience of several hundred about donating blood products and the Ronald McDonald House. I spoke about Andrew and how amazing he is and told them his saying about Life Is A Game I Never Want to Stop Playing. Jose a friend, was wearing that t-shirt from the last benefit and it made me cry as I’ve only seen one of us wear the shirt. And yes, we are setting up on cafe press to sell t-shirts, mug, hats, cards ect of that saying and several others to raise money for So stay tuned for the announcement. Our bank acct. for will be set up next week and then we’ll be ready to rock and roll! :band

Stryker was amazing! They were so much fun! Great entertainers! They covered a lot of great 80’s music. I love that decade! But definitely over the big hair part of it! :lol We had a great time dancing. They actually have been reading my blog which shocked the crap outta of me. They plan on coming up and visiting Andrew. I got my pic w/them too! And yes, Janice I did ask for an autograph pic for you! I’ll let u know when I get it so I can mail it to you.

I have more to talk about and posts I want to address but I’ll wait till we get the internet back up and running in our room where it’s more comfotable. I have some definite “guy zone” stuff to wrtie about, not for the faint at heart. :-) I mean Martin and Andrew left alone ALL night w/Andrew still having diareah, :x one can only imagine where this will go!!! :lol :lol

We can’t thank everyone enough for their love and support! It means the world to us and we r honored that you have been willing to share this increible healing journey with us!


Magickal Blessings!

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