When Martin and I go to bed at night, him and Andrew do energy work on me because I struggle with all this. Martin guides me through it. He & Andrew put their hands on my heart chakra and Martin begins to tell me to see a beautiful emerald green mist going into my body through my heart chakra and working it’s way all through my entire body. This healing energy has changed colors as time has gone on. As this amazing mist goes through my body it picks up any low vibrational debris from grief in every part of my body.

After the energy has gone through my body & picks up all the debris, it comes out where it entered to be transmuted. Last night I got a vision of Andrew pulling it out with a rope using his both hands and feet really tugging it out like trying to pull a heavy weight out of a well with out falling in or something. His way of being funny, ha ha Muck! I guess he was showing me I was holding on to too much sadness. YA THINK?? It’s Christmas time, my son is not here and this is the first Christmas in 27yrs where we’ll have no kids! Yea, I’m sad you putz!

Ok, so Martin and I did get a laugh outta of that visual of what it was like clearing my sadness. But to damn bad! I’m doing the best that I can! Mama Gene is pissed! Deal with it! You’re an Avatar! How hard can it be? :-D

Anyhoo, once they clear that out, they then send in the same emerald green healing energy to help me feel better. It feels really cool. I can actually feel it going in. It was really intense in the beginning.

SO that’s how the “mucklets” are being done now. I think I’m doing pretty good since I only usually get them once at night and not several times a day like in the beginning. Martin will put his hand over my heart for a few seconds during the day as a top up, but sometimes I think he’s just trying to cop a feel and get to 2nd base! :-D

Like I mentioned before, I feel Andrew when he touches my head, I feel a buzzing and pressure like a hand is there. Lately, I feel like something is lightly crawling in my hair and I was going to have Martin check me for lice or something! LOL Dunno how I could get that since I’m not around anyone really. Then Martin told me without me saying anything, that Andrew touches my hair. PHEW! That was good to hear! Bug crisis averted! I can be such a spaz sometimes! LOL But as I’m constantly reminded….


After I wrote this last night, Martin and I were talking about it. Then I realized what the little B#*&@*d was really doing! I got another “flash.”  He had this thing he would do with my hair AND Merlin’s too actually! He would take a small amount of hair in the palm of his hand and rub it really fast and say, in a high pitched voice “dread locks!”  I’d smack him and he’d laugh! While in the hospital he would try and do it to the teeny, tiny patch of hair he had on the back of his head from the remaining bed sore he got while intubated, to be funny! Ok, it was funny. He would also pet the patch like it was his dog or something. And sometimes add a Dr. Evil voice. He’s a goof ball. See? We did have a lot of fun in the hospital! WOW! Hard to believe he’s an Avatar after writing this! LOL
SO the little  booger is STILL trying to give me dread locks! ROFLMAO!  Nice one Muck!

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7 Responses to ME AND MORE OF MUCK!

  1. Joanie Light says:

    Hahahaha! Lice!! Not in that gorgeous red hair. They wouldn’t even think of going there. You’d put a spell on ’em. A sweet reminder of Andrew’s presence….I love it.

    I can’t believe I’m the first to comment. Swati, I got here first…neener, neener, neener.

  2. Karen T. says:

    And I’m second?! Swati, Leah…you ladies are losing ground!

    The things that happen to you make me feel so overjoyed for you and your future with your son, regardless of the change in his “suit”. You are so very blessed Connie! To know Andrew is such a blessing for me and I’ve only gotten to know him since his ascension. You were and are his Mama… Wow!! That is all I can say. Love to you!

  3. Dana says:

    That’s a great healing meditation! Gonna use that one on myself!

    Awww…Connie! You are doing great! How fortunate you are to be so supported and loved!

  4. admin says:

    WOW! 3 of you beat Swati AND Leah! Amazing! LOL

    I want you to know that your comments are what keep me going and writing! Knowing that Andrew is helping & touching people,but not inappropriately, :-D through the blog and forum is what keeps Martin and I going! SO thank you ! With out your input none of this would be possible!

    Martin, Andrew and I love and appreciate all of you because you are the few that are getting it! It means the world to us!


    PS I added a bit more to the last blog since you posted here.

  5. Leah Clark says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… I figured I’d let youse guys post first once in a while… LOL I love how reading these blogs make me more aware of “touches” from my angels. This morning, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back (nothing new, I figure it has something to do with money and my root chakra) and hip. I got up, went in my tree room to meditate, and felt a buzzing sensation in my hip, right where the pain was. After the buzzing went away, so did the pain! I immediately thanked my angels for helping me! It was SO COOL… I’m glad you’re getting your mucklets in so many tangible ways, Connie – I know that helps you feel the love! HUGS!!!!

  6. Swati says:

    Yeah they’re all beating me cuz I’m sick and so is my whole family. So I need you all to line up and say “Ooooooh!!! Poooooooooorr yooooooooooouu!!! Soooo saaaaaaaaaaaad!!! That is awfulllllllll!!! You mean you have a runny nose??? How COULD such a dreadful thing happen to youuuuuuuuuuuu?” :-P :-P :-P :-P LMAO

    Ok, yes, the baby is sick (so are we…but baby is more important), but right now he is with hubby, and I realized that I had never seen this blog entry at all! I have replied to the entry above, but never saw this.

    I loved how you wrote about that crawling feeling in the scalp like you want to ask someone to check for lice! LOLOL!! It happens to me too. I guess someone up there likes to play with my hair. I wonder who.

    Leah what is a tree room?

    Ok, kiddy is crying his lungs out now. I need to go. I shall be back.

  7. Leah Clark says:

    Swati – My tree room is like a family room or den. It’s on the back of my house, no backyard neighbors, just trees and kitties and nature. Oh – and fairies! The walls have wood paneling, so when you stand in that room, you feel like you’re inside a tree looking at other trees. Hence the name. :)

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