Well, Andrew had yet another great day! :dog :dog

He didn’t get the chemo till after 9p.m. tonight!! :eek It was suppose to be at 5p.m. but they weren’t done “cooking” it in the lab. :lol All I could imagine was a Hogwart’s kitchen and the techs hovering over the cauldren making the chemo. :SCRY :lol As I was typing it it sounded more like a meth lab!! :eek :x :lol (no icon for that one on the ATP board! :lol )

Anyhoo, he did real well tonight with it. He said he feels what?? AWESOME! Of course! :hula We expect this round to go smoothly! He has 2 days of the aero-c chemo over 3 hours every 12 hrs. Then on the 3rd day he gets a muscular shot of chemo in the leg :eek that’s new!! Then he’s off for 5 days then repeat again. Kinda like, lather, rinse and repeat! :lol Then we wait for his #’s to go back up. THEN he is paroled for 7-10 days!! :dog :dog :CAT :dog :CAT When we come back, we go into isolation and begin the transplant procedure. He’ll start 7 days of his last chemo treatment!! :hula

Speaking of transplant, nice segway as we say in comedy!! :D :lol They have a donor that has come in to be tested, AND they are a 10 out of 10 match!! :hula :hula :belly BUT with the holidays coming up we are praying they will want to do it ASAP!! They may want to hold off because of Thanksgiving. Andrew was like “Well why wouldn’t they do it??” He was informed “They have a life” Andrew’s reply? A very teenage one! “Well I have a life too & I want to get back to it!” :lol So I explained how this person was giving up a lot of time and BLOOD & that they don’t have to do it. It’s a huge commitment and it takes a special person to agree to this. Yea, he expects them to be here no matter what! :lol

Sooooo if you could hold this amazing donor who is helping to save my son’s life in your prayers & send them lots of love and blessings for being so kind I would deeply appreciate it! I want them to feel all the love coming their way and know they are doing a great thing for an incredible young man!! I want them to know & feel that they are doing the right thing! To feel peace about it. One day I hope they can know about the hundred’s of thousands of people that were praying for them!

We are working on his bone marrow biopsy to be under 5% after this round of treatment. Actually, ideally we’d like it at 0%!! That is what Andrew is working on w/his body now, 0% blast cells. Let’s really blow the doc’s mind w/that one!!

Andrew already played with his #’s last night. His ANC yesterday was 980 and he said he wanted it down to around 500 for Monday hoping he wouldn’t need stronger chemo. At 500 he could leave the room w/ a mask. What were his #’s I hear you ask?? 498.1!!! :lol :lol The boy is good!! :lol

I leave in the morning to go home and get a few things done around the house. Then my hair lathered rinsed and repeated :D then a reading from someone my friend raved about so I figured why the heck not! I could use a little metaphysical fun!!

Here’s to another marvelous day!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

:blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE :LOVE

Magickal Blessings!

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