Marts! I AM Your Teacher!

Martin and I have been doing a lot of readings with Andrew lately. Martin brought up running a reading special for the holidays back in December. Well, we got real busy, real fast! A lot of the readings were with grieving moms. It was an honor and privilege to meet these kids and give their messages to their moms.

All these kids have been so funny, so happy. I asked Martin, in my best De Niro voice “So what’s the deal? When these kids cross over, they become funny… like a clown?” Martin said, “Yes, Ghostie the Clown,” which then lead to corny Casper jokes.

Anyway, on a recent call with a grieving mom who lost a teenage son, some fun ensued yet again. Andrew tends to instigate the hilarity with these boys because he knows Martin will love it. These kids really are funny and fun to deal with, they lift our spirits.

On these readings I ask the parent if it is a daughter or son they want to connect with, because there is always a gaggle of Spirits talking to Martin, and we only have 20 mins. If Martin knows the sex of the child, he can sort through who’s who quicker.

This grieving mom’s Dad came through first, then her son. Martin had 3 that came forward. Andrew was there helping out, organizing like he use to do here, bringing forward who needed to come through and holding back the rest. His touch of OCD comes in handy even on the other side! lol

Martin asked him how many Spirits were there. Andrew said, “Three.” Martin said, “I know that! But there’s more there, how many?” Andrew replies, “Just worry about the 3 you have there Daddy!” Basically telling Martin to mind his own business, it’s a 20 min reading so quit dickin around! LOL Andrew knows that Martin loves the banter between them, even on readings.

Martin being insistent, like a toddler, (Andrew just gave me that adjective lol) wanted to know how many Spirits were there in total. While still on the reading, Andrew made Martin go around with him as they counted the Spirits together. They get done counting them, and there was 25 Spirits in all. Andrew’s back was to Martin when Martin asked him, “Why did you make me go around with you? Why not just tell me the damn number?” Andrew turned around and pointed to his t-shirt that he was now wearing, and not the robe that he was just wearing. His t-shirt said, with a hand on it with the index finger pointing out like an Uncle Sam poster at Martin, but with theĀ  energy of Darth Vader, “I AM Your Teacher!” Booya! SCHOOLED once again by the boy! LOL Did Andrew just do a spiritual B.I.S.S on Martin? I believe he did!

I’m surprised Andrew didn’t start breathing like Darth Vader for dramatic geek effect. But then again, we were on a reading. If it had of just been the 2 of them, Andrew would have pulled out all the effects and props. Martin said Andrew is a prop guy. But we were on a reading and Martin needed to focus. Andrew was reminding Martin that he is always in training, AND it’s just so much damn fun playing with Marts like that!

Martin said Andrew was wearing his “go to” robe that he usually sees him in. It’s the dark green velvet robe he got when he crossed. Andrew was wearing that even when his back was to Martin, but when he turned around to answer Martin, it was the t-shirt. Martin said he didn’t even see it change, it just was. Again, Andrew was just showing off what he can do now with the speed of thought. =D

I love our parent/son, Avatar/student times, especially when we get to work together like this. I know the work we do with Andrew/PureHeart is so powerful and makes a difference in peoples’ lives. It just reminds us that there truly is no separation. We just have to be willing to up our game AND remember….


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  1. Thatt’s so cool to read. He’s the Big Guy now. Glad you can help get messages to parents now through him also. That must really be so good to see. Big hugs

  2. He is the big man now for sure! He kinda was here, we didn’t have to do a whole heck of a lot with him as a teen other than listen to what he had to teach us. It has been amazing to work with Andrew in this capacity, meeting these kids. But when I went to the grief group & saw their pictures, it broke my heart. It brought me right back to reality here & the pain that was left behind. They are just so beautiful and knowing that we were able to give the moms a bit of peace or joy in that moment, especially during the holidays, was a fantastic feeling & an incredible honor!

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