Well, we all know I have loads of missing Andrew moments. But Martin had one tonight too! And you know when he has one I have one as well! It’s the law! I don’t make the laws I just follow them….ok, I don’t believe that one either! LOL I do make the laws too!

We are getting ready for our trip to N. Ireland on Wed and getting the suitcases out. Of course we never unpack everything when we come back from our trips and we are forever finding stuff we thought we lost while getting ready for our next trip. Don’t be judging!

Well tonight Martin found in one of the suitcases we took to So-Cal last year, a Father’s Day card from Andrew that he signed “To The Best Dad Ever! Happy Father’s Day”

Of course you know that had both of us crying and hugging each other as we looked at the card with his handwriting in it. Now Andrew doesn’t allow us to stay “in it” for long. He makes sure something ALWAYS happens to snap us out of it & this time was no different.

As the tears are streaming down our faces we “happen” to look at the TV and on the bottom of the screen there was a news flash….”Man loses tongue in a kiss!” Well, we started LOAO!! We laughed so hard! I mean how dumb is that?? ROFLMAO! Martin and I couldn’t stop laughing! We thanked Andrew for helping us move through our moment of despair!

Then when the news came on, they never mentioned it. I don’t watch the news but I waited to see what they were going to talk about and the tongue thing never came up! Still laughing thinking about it!

So our tears turned to laughter. Andrew has a knack for doing that, making us laugh through our tears. He did it in the PICU after he left too. What a lucky mom I am to have him as a son!!


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  1. Joanie Light says:

    Suitcases…no judging here…I still have two sitting in my bedroom from our Calif. trip in October. It’s full of dry cleaning that I haven’t taken in.

    What a special moment to find the Father’s Day card. It’s like getting it all over for the first time, isn’t it?

    OK, I guess losing a tongue to kissing is better than losing one’s hoohaa
    while receiving a BJ. I think I read a story that some guy’s was bitten off by his gf when the car was rear-ended. I must be a sicko. They both make me laugh.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Joanie!! That’s 2 questions I have now for Myth Busters now! ROFLMAO! Hmmmm is Buster even anatomically correct & “UP” for the “JOB”?? OMG!! I can’t stop myself! LOL LOL LOL

    Martin said you were right about the card, it was like getting it all over again! It was a gift indeed!

    Not feeling so bad about the suitcases now! LOL

  3. admin says:

    Martin sez, Joanie Light EH???? LOL LOL

  4. Leah Clark says:

    Joanie, Joanie, Joanie… Lord ha’e mercy, chile! I can’t stop laughing now, between the tongue and… well, you know… yeesh…

    Connie – what a great way for Andrew to let you know he’s thinking of you guys! Gave me chills! He is a good child!

  5. Lord Horus says:

    Man, Hard to keep up with you guys.. LOL.. Im sorry I missed the radio show.. but I was working.. I cant wait to hear what all Andrew was saying though.. Call me before you leave.

  6. Swati says:

    Oh mannnnn! I’ll miss you guys! When are you coming back?

  7. Jane says:

    (((Connie))) that put a smile on my dial with the tongue being bitten off. Jeez……..

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland. I was going to crack a joke that I normally reserve for my DLO’s but hang it, I think you might appreciate it.

    I usually joke whenever I am travelling off overseas, that the DLO’s are coming with me. One time the plane was full and I jokingly said to them “Sorry guys, the plane is full. You will have to make your own way there’. Funny thing is that they did. And they beat me. They were waiting on the Airport bus at my destination. One of my mum’s favourite songs came over the radio ‘Hey Jude’ and that just cracked me up. Smart asses. (I just typed that and my screen went weird – guess they usually have the last laugh).

    Take care. Even if I am not one of your stalkers (no judgement from me Swati. Love you heaps) I usually read your posts and send you love.

    Jane xxxoooo

  8. Joanie Light says:

    “Martin sez, Joanie Light EH????”

    Well… know I have a very wicked sense of humor. You can hear me laughing on the recording of your show. LOLOLOL

  9. Joanie Light says:

    “Martin sez, Joanie Light EH????”

    Well… know I have a very wicked sense of humor. You can hear me laughing on the recording of your show. LOLOLOL

    Enjoy your trip to N. Ireland!

  10. Anna Taylor says:

    LOLOLOL!!!! I go to sleep here in the UK and all this happens!!!! Joanie you are soooooooooooooo funny!!!

    And soooooo glad you got to LYAO Connie and Martin after the tears. What a rollercoaster but a beautiful one…

    Wishing you a magical time in Ireland!



  11. Sandra says:


    Shall we move to the States? The news there are much more interesting than in the UK!! LOL!

    Bless Andrew for always bringing a smile to you when you need it the most…

    Ok, refocus, Sandra. Forget about tongues and hoohas…. time to get back to work! LOL

    Lots of love to everyone


  12. admin says:

    Not only that Joanie but we made a laugh track from that show too to use for my DiVaD when we had smaller audiences. We put it in places I knew I got laughs!

    Jane, DLO are HUGE smart asses! Even Andrew! But ya gotta love them for it! While we have to fly coach they get to travel at the speed of thought! Then they flaunt it!! LOL

    Anna, this really is one hell of a roller coaster ride. I’ve been wanting off of it for awhile now. I thought we were getting off in Dec or Jan after Andrew’s transplant, but I’m on it for the rest of my life now! SO glad you guys are willing to share it with me! Not everyone is.

    Swati, have no fear! We will still be on the blog and forum, just not as much. I will be taking notes so I don’t miss anything to blog about. Elatia is bringing her super duper mega Canon camera so the pics will be great!

    Thanks for stopping by Sandra while at work. YOu just never know what you’ll find here huh? :-D

  13. Anna Taylor says:

    Yeah, Sandra. I think that’s another reason I wanna go to the US! We don’t get funny news stories like THAT! LOL

    Yeah, I know Connie. I never do like rollercoasters, myself and you’ve been on the hugest ever. But it’s always better when you get people holding your hand while on it.



  14. Sue says:

    John Irving’s The World According to Garp, which I read a very long time ago, has a scene where the husband rearends his wife’s car, where unbeknownst to him, his wife has been blowing a young man in the back seat, thereby severing the bodypart in question…. I didn’t know there had been real life cases of that happening but would not be surprised.

    Connie–your writing is so evocative, I could TOTALLY envision you guys seeing that flash by and laughing.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip.

    Love & light

  15. admin says:

    Thank you Sue! I appreciate the compliment. It helps me be a better writer!

  16. Leonore Schuetz says:


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