In my best WWF announcer’s voice; “Let’s get ready to RUMMMMMMMMMBBBLLLE!!!”

Thats pretty much what it’s like most of the time. The problem is, Mama Gene has the home advantage! So she wins most of the time. :-( Once I get to cross over I WIN! :-) Until then, Mama Gene wins most of the rounds. I guess I should meditate more and tap into my Higher Self on a regular basis so I can over take the Mama Gene & quiet her grieving ass down a bit. But even meditating takes a lot of work and feels like a daunting task, I wish it just came easy to me but it doesn’t, I get scattered easily. But I have to do it if I am going to be successful at quieting the Mama Gene and finding some peace.

I guess Friday, 8-8-08 would be a great time to really work on solidifying my connection to my Higher Self. I will be working on it the rest of this week, build up the energy and hopefully kick some serious meditating bootay! :-) Meditating is the answer to just about everything really. That is where the answers lie.


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  1. Lord Horus says:

    Meditating consistently is a struggle for everyone I think…. unless maybe you are Dattatreya Siva Babba… but I bet it was hard for him too in the beginning.

    I don’t do it as often as I should either but like you said that IS where all the answers are… within ourselves.

    One of the things I’ve found helping me recently is sitting in a meditative stance and chanting the “OM” sound and focusing on my third eye..

    Unfortunately it seems I didn’t make it down in time to use the meditation chamber at your house.. LOL.. but maybe we can talk the current occupant into joining us when I do come down.. Keeping fingers crossed for the weekend after this one coming.

  2. Swati says:

    There is no point fighting the Mama-gene. You fight it and it will win hands down! You allow it and let it be, and let it grieve as much as it wants to. Your higher self understands it. And slowly but surely the higher self understanding will take over. It has hardly been any time since this happened Connie. It is all still too fresh. Too soon to not grieve most of the time. And you know all of this….just reminding you. ((((hugs))))

    Jeremy, I do your kind of meditation too sometimes. And if I am doing it when I am in a twilight zone of sleep…body asleep, mind awake, I have fabulous out of body experiences just with the OM and focusing on my third eye. Twice I have been face to face with “God” with this method alone. I put God in inverted commas “”, because it was a representation of God I saw…God is in all probability completely formless. I heard LOUD thunderous rumbling sounds and I was in front of a huge ball of golden light…looked like the sun! And thats how I have always imagined God to look like…like the sun. So he appeared that way to me. And both times the power and enormity of “It” was so much that I couldn’t bear it, and my meditation broke, and I was dumped back in my body very unceremoniously. LOL!! Let me know what exeperiences you have with meditating this way.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Swati for reminding me, Leah is good at doing it too. ;-) Did I mention that patience isn’t my strong suit? :-)The emotions can get so intense sometimes, I can’t believe I haven’t spontaneously combusted! Sometimes I wish I just would & finally be done with it. Martin is so patient with me.

    I just need to make myself do the meditations, practice is the only way to get the results I’m looking for. Good to now it’s just not me Jeremy. Right now it seems like work and I need to not feel that way. I should look forward to it with joy. I think it’s the fact I want results NOW & don’t wanna wait. I need to get them big gurl panties on once again and quit whining and just do it! I need the Nike Angel on my ass! :-D

    I’m still waiting for my book to come in you recommended.

  4. Dana says:

    I’ve been having some great dreams as of late – but my meditations have been less than spectacular *scratches head* However – I usually find that summer is always kind of slow for me that way. Speaking of summer – how quickly is it flying by? *jawdrops*

  5. Lord Horus says:

    Indeed Dana, the closer we get to 2012 the faster time will seem to speed up. Of course there are still sixty minutes in an hour but our perception of how long those hours or days are can and will fluctuate.. Personally I have noticed a speeding up of time ever since 9.11.01… Think about how long the last eight years have seemed compared to the eight previous years..

    This has to do with the heart beat of the earth.. as it speeds up so does our perception of time.

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