Maybe because it’s 2 weeks ago tonight and it’s coming up to the exact time 2 weeks ago when Martin and I had to call time of ascension that has me thinking of the events leading up to 2 weeks ago.

Martin and I were talking today about the events leading up to Andrew’s ascension. I mention before how our friend Jeremy was told that he was not allowed in with healing energy that day. One of Martin’s “things” is that he can stop bleeding. He did it for Andrew when he was first intubated back in July when Andrew was bleeding from his nose. The blood would drip from his nose down his cheek to his ear onto the the gauze pad they had beside his head. It was hard to see so Martin did his thing and the bleeding stopped. There was enough to deal with with out having to see that!

SO this time when Andrew was having issues with bleeding w/his lungs, hence the coughing up blood. I told Martin this was right up his alley. Easy peasy lemon squeezie! SO I thought. Martin was able to get it to really slow up but when he would stop the energy work it would start again. Like the night I was doing all that gratitude work on Andrew. His numbers would do well then they would drop.

It came to a point where Martin was told by Andrew’s Guides to stand back & not to interfere! Martin said he felt like he had been castrated! He wasn’t allowed to help his son anymore. All he could do was stand back and watch as our son was leaving this plain. Can you even imagine as a parent what that was like? To not be allowed to help your son & being a healer to boot? To know that you had to stand by and watch as your only biological child, your much awaited for son, transition to the next dimension??? These are things we are still working through.

As painful as all this has been, it is also what brings us the most peace. Weird huh? But knowing that all is as it should be, knowing that there was nothing we could do, knowing that our love and healing abilities were so great that the big guns had to be called in to hold us back so destiny could take it’s course, brings us some sort of peace. Funny how life….and ascension works huh? Thanks for listening. I know it isn’t easy. But it’s part of this amazing journey we are on!


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  1. Swati says:

    “As painful as all this has been, it is also what brings us the most peace. Weird huh? But knowing that all is as it should be,”

    Oh Connie…I can never for the life of me be able to fathom how much strength you have as a mum to be able to say THAT.

    Reding this blog entry has left me quite speechless and quiet and teary eyed.

    Hugs to you and to Martin. And of course to Andrew and to Elatia.


  2. Myra Procter says:

    Sending you and Martin lots and lots of love as you continue this journey. I don’t know what else to say.


  3. Myra Procter says:

    Just thought I’d share that I have a new outlook this morning after reading Andrew’s lessons last night.

    I got up, showered and put some make up on (rare for me unless I’m going on a night out) took a pic on my mobile (even more rare!) and sent it to Chris with the message ‘ I am going xmas shopping, no worries, it is all good! x’ He txt me back saying ‘ Ok, have fun, u look incredibly gorgeous. Ur beautiful x x x ‘ To which I replied (and this is the biggie lol) ‘I AM, THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU X’

    He probably thought I’d hit the bottle, lmao!

    So you see Connie, I am trying to ‘Start with me’, tough though it is, but you know what? I am feeling a lot lighter in my step today.

    Thank you Andrew xxx

    I’m off Xmas shopping now! It’s all good!!

  4. Anna Taylor says:

    Ahh, Connie. So beautiful and yet so heart breaking. I cannot imagine. I have tears in my eyes with all the mixed emotions.

    Sending you both big hugs. I’m so glad you and Martin are so close and are talking about this together.

    Lots of love,


    PS Myra – YAY! Well done you!

  5. admin says:

    It does a mama’s heart good to know that her son’s messages are being taken to heart!! Thank you Myra for honoring Andrew…..and me!

    Thank you Swati and Anna for just being here and supporting me on this journey, even when it gets hard!

    Lots of love to you all!!!

  6. Swati says:

    Yo Connie…I had a question from your reply to me below. You said “after earth party” and said there is no “after life party”. Why? No party after I’m dead? Oh mannnn…!

    And yes, Andrew’s lessons are being taken seriously…give him my hugs.

  7. Kelley Nelson says:

    I think of each of you daily. Reading the blog entries every morning keeps me so in touch. A lot of the time I am left speechless after reading. But, there are those times I walk away with that warm and fuzzy feeling inside after reading of your experiences with Andrew. Reading the blog and reader comments teaches me more and more of the type of man Andrew is. And a personal tidbit that I wasn’t even going to share but just had a change of heart. Last Sunday my cat was very ill. As he laid on my bed lethargic looking so helpless and I am leaning over him bawling my eyes out and just stroking his fur begging him to talk to me and tell me where he hurt. (I know, it’s a cat and he can’t talk). As I am stroking his fur on his stomach I look over at my right arm and see “It’s All Good” on my green arm band from the FUNeral. I honest to goodness at that moment could not help but smile….I think I may have even let out a chuckle.

    I know there’s nothing that I can say or do but please know, I am thinking about each of you always.

    I look forward to future blogs….



  8. admin says:

    Ummmm Swati, there is no death! DUH! LOL So I’m calling it the After Earth party!!

    Uh oh Kelley! Better not tell Martin that cats don’t talk!! LOL Or dogs or bugs!! LOL So glad you are continuing to read the blog!

  9. Swati says:

    Ooops! So thats what you meant! LOL!! I was thinking…after-earth meant after the whole earth experience was completed…for all…no earth left :-P.

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