I didn’t think I’d have much more to report because things are still going great and there’s only so many ways I can word how great he is! :lol BUTTTT of course I found a way! :D

Today he had a LP for a bone marrow biopsy to make sure he is still in the clear. Today is day 28 since the start of his 2nd induction which is when they do it. Time flies when you’re having fun!! :\

Of course Andrew being Andrew there’s a story to tell! :lol He was able to walk ALL BY HIMSELF to the room for the LP!! No cane and no IV pole! :hula He got his usual meds for the LP, verset and something else. I was not there for this mind you. No way, that’s why I have the night shift!! SO they start really digging the needle in his spine & Andrew sez in a real low, non chalant way, “ow, ow” Trish, his NP asks, “R U ok Andrew?” His reply?? “How’s it going!” in his usual joyful way! :lol Then he looks at Martin and sez “How u doing Daddy?” Then goes on to say “This test is cool.” :lol Trish was just amazed. She said she’s never met a kid like Andrew.

I got to the hospital about 4:30ish p.m. Andrew awoke about 5p.m. feeling great and hungry! :lol SO his eating frenzy began! 2 slices of pan pizza, a grilled ham and cheese, a hotdog, & a mounds bar. :eek He’s a machine!

The excititng news???? …….

HE’S OFF OF ALL OF HIS IV’s for now!!!! I was so shocked when I saw that he wasn’t hooked up to anything! AND he doesn’t have to be for the rest of the night! :belly :belly Not sure how long that will last but he is free tonite! He has been hooked up for a month!

I am thrilled to finally be feeling like I’m helping with his recovery. The Angels have intervened w/o a doubt. Miss Patti Sinclair, a friend in Conn. shared w/me a supplement I should check out. I needed Martin to do it because he is the one to ultimately bring anything to the dr’s. We are just so overwhelmed w/info from hospital, family and friends, there’s so much! It’s taking time to go thru it all & still have more to do!

BUTTTTT the night of the benefit a friend gave me a box and STRESSED that I needed to look at the dvd and STRESSED that I really needed to get Andrew on this product ASAP. So 2 days later I finally opened the box. IT WAS SAME STUFF PATTI TALKED ABOUT!! ONLY he gave me a jar of it!!:eek I then stressed to Martin that this was a sign and needed to be look into this ASAP. Martin researched it enough to know he was going to give it to the dr.’s and let them know Andrew is going to be taking this stuff. He gave Trish the info and of course they poo pooed it. :lol They had absolutley NO documentation to prove their poo pooing yet we had our documentation to prove it would not interfere. Sooooo Andrew is taking this stuff & until they can PROVE anything different he will continue to take this product!

It does a mama gene :hugkiss so good to KNOW she is giving her son something that is actually helping his body be strong instead of beating it down!! I feel more confident now of his well being!! The results of this product for cancer patients is amazing!! I AM EXCITED!!! Feeling a doggie dance coming on in honor of my weiner dog :dog :dog He loves Andrew sooo much my Merlin!

Dawn, his fav day nurse was in today to give him a Survivor gold metal from something she went to. She again told Andrew how much he has changed her life for the better. And she has been doing this for 20 yrs!! That sez a lot! I decided that the nurses we connected with to give them one of my books, “So These Two Dead Guys Walk Into A Bar….” “My Life In The Paranormal. One Comic’s Persoective” (can be found on http://www.triplemoonpress.com  Umm yes that was a shameless plug! It’s our site and I have no rules! *insert evil laugh here*) as a thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. Betsy (his personal massage therapist :D ) & Adele got one and they are already reading it and loving it apparently. I was talking to the 2 managers at the clown house and they are soooo into the psychic stuff so they want one of my books and a psychic party!! :D YUP! I will plug myself where ever I can! :-)

So much for me not having a lot to report!! :lol :lol

Magickal Blessings!

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  1. Leah Clark says:

    Just gotta say – you gotta get Connie’s book and a box of Depends! (I’m mostly kidding about the Depends part…) I read it and loved it and I’ve recommended it to all of my friends!

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