Love Actually

It was a gorgeous day out so I mowed the lawn and decided to sit in my backyard and enjoy a job well done and the beautiful weather.

I brought out my journal to write done some things for my bucket list. I just love being outside when the weather is amazing. Did I mention that already? lol I’d like to drive somewhere, but usually prefer having someone go with me. Not always, but most of the time. So I decided to just stay home and enjoy my back yard.

My mind wonders when I’m doing things, like taking a shower, doing dishes, mowing the lawn, cleaning, even driving, but not too much with driving on the opposite side of the road now on teenie tiny roads lined with cars! Things like that keep the ego busy, which makes it easier for Spirit to come through.

For example, when Martin did commercial readings on the phone, he would play video games to keep his ego busy. When doing readings in person, he would scribble and draw, like TV medium, Tyler Henry does. For me, I realised this is when I hear my boys the most and when I least expect it. So you’d think I’d want to clean more or do something productive to connect with them more, but I guess laziness is more powerful. lol

So while busy out working in my yard, I was wondering, what guy is gonna want a relationship with me after finding out I already had the love of my life, my childhood sweetheart? I mean, that’s a huge act to follow! It can be intimidating.

That’s when I heard Martin say, “Yes, you had the love of your life, but it’s ok to have the love of the rest of your life. And the right guy will know and understand that.” Well that hit me between the eyes…and heart! I could feel the truth of his words.

I am writing this because I know a few others that have lost the love of their lives and think that they won’t find anything like that again. While that may be true, that’s ok, because different doesn’t mean less than. It just means different. But that relationship can still be an amazing, big love too! We are allowed to have more than one big love in a lifetime! I mean, after all, we come from love and Only Love IS Real!


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