Losing My Marbles

Ok, that is not necessarily true, possibly not false either, especially for those skeptics that may read this and think I’m a total whack job for believing in faeries and such. But I couldn’t come up with a clever title regarding my marble story I am about to share.

We have been teaching Faerie 101 Workshops on the East Coast of Florida and in our area. We teach people what to put in their garden to attract the faeries. Faeries are there anyway, but if you want to work with them, there are certain things you can put in your garden to let them know you want to interact with them. One of the things that the fae love are marbles. They love shiny objects, and marbles are one of the shiny objects they love.

The fae are great manifestors, which is why it is great to interact with the ones in your yard. The fae know no limits, if they want something, they know they can have it. Since we started teaching this faerie workshop, we finally started our own garden for the fae. I’m a firm believer in practicing what you teach, or preach.

So far I haven’t been all that thrilled with manifesting with the faeries lately. I haven’t been able to get anything really going like I thought I would since starting the garden. So I went out to see our fae friends before our internet tv show today to have a word with them about this, a WTF if you will. I told them we needed some serious help in bringing things in. After these past 6 years, (Elatia nearly dying and cancer scare in 12/06 which got that trauma ball rolling) of having the crap beat out of us, we could use some help, Martin and I are exhausted. I also asked them if they would clean my aura. This being October, it is a hard month for me, and the grief is pretty high the closer we get to the 22nd. The 22nd has always been a great day, but the days around it are tough for me. I thanked them and promised them that I would return the marbles that I took from the garden for the last class we taught and forgot to hand out to the people in the class, mind you. See? We’re exhausted, we need help!

We get to the tv studio and what is the first thing I see in front of my mic? A MARBLE! A bigger than average marble. I thought that was quite odd. I asked our producer George where the marble came from, after the obvious jokes, he said he had no idea. I had a feeling that would be his answer because I knew where, or should I say who the marble was from. After George said that he didn’t know, I got a, “messaged delivered” feeling by my fae friends, them letting me know that they heard me and were on it. I thought that was way cool.

You may be wondering where Andrew is in all of this. Well, he is giving no info away! NONE! NADA! NUTTIN! Not even to Martin. Someone we met in Ft Lauderdale has connected with Andrew big time, and he’s not telling her anything either. Oh he’s giving her messages for me about getting back out there and doing readings again. But all any of us get out of him about things picking up for us is, “I’m working on it, all in good time and just trust me.” Telling a WiseOne to trust, especially after everything I have been through, is like trying to tell an Elemental to follow the rules! My ATP(r) friends know what I’m talking about and are laughing right now!

There is so much magick all around us, why not tap into it? All you have to do is open your mind, your heart and your imagination to it. Society and religions, have squashed the magick and our imaginations in order to control the populous. Well, it’s time that we took ALL of it back and enjoy all that is rightly ours to enjoy! Have you hugged a gnome today? A unicorn perhaps? =D


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