Martin decided to send out 2 free minutes to his Keen clients tonight since the month of April has been ridiculously slow. Well, he has been slammed all night with 2 min readings! Arrrrg! BUT all I could do was laugh every time the phone the rang. Now he did finally get a real call that lasted a normal amount of time for a reading. He had 5 calls in the waiting while on this call. Those calls were close to the 2 minutes.

After one of the 2 mins calls Martin came out of the office because he heard me laughing at him. I ran and hid. :-D All I could hear was the squish, squish, squish, of his crocs against the tile. I thought for sure he was going to find me but then I hear the squish of his crocs go further away! *phew!* I hear him squishing away in the distance as I am ROFLMAO! Psychic Boy my ass! He can’t even find me hiding behind a wall in the dining room but still out in the open! LMAO! That’s because Andrew had him a wild goose chase! Andrew actually had Martin ck his closet & under his bed! There’s no room in either place for a body! LOL But “Psychic Boy” checks anyway! tee hee hee

As Martin is on his wild goose chase, I feel Andrew and he was covering me! I knew he was hiding me from Martin. LOL LOL I then hear the squishing getting closer, I’m still laughing, I can’t contain myself and I make a tiny sound as he was approaching. SO I jumped out when he got close and scared the daylights outta him! ROFLMAO! We hugged each other LOAO! We laughed and laughed! Martin said, “Andrew is laughing so hard he’s got tears running down his face! That lil bastard never told me where you were!” tee hee hee Of course not! He was covering his Pretty Mama! ;-)

It felt good to laugh that hard again with my 2 favorite men!


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6 Responses to LMAO! THIS IS CLASSIC!

  1. Swati says:

    LMAO!! That must have been soooo funny!! I hope when you guys come here we have such moments. Andrew, if you are reading this, please make fun of Martin when he is here :D!! Or maybe I can just move the trash can lid in front of Martin…that should do the job. ;)

  2. admin says:

    LOL Swati! I remember that next time and grab a trash lid.

    I see you didn’t get my message here, we had to cancel our so-cal trip. I just don’t have the money for the expenses to come out. There was no way for me to pull it off and with venues NOT knowing how to put butts in seats, I couldn’t risk another trip costing me money either. I was bummed we had to cancel. I was sooooo looking forward to getting out here to get a break from the hot humid weather that is May-Nov

    BUT on the up side, we have a manager/promoter now so when we are able to come out, we’ll have packed venues! We are working on an east coast tour to start. Stay tuned for news on that.

  3. Karen T. says:

    We play hide-n-seek all the time here. The cool thing while reading this was that I totally could see it happening. Wow!

  4. Dana says:

    LOL! It’s still a party at your house Connie! Awesome stuff!

    I’m excited that you have a promoter! Tell him/her to get promoting up here in Grand Rapids!

  5. admin says:

    I was hoping I painted the pic well enough Karen, because it really was hysterical! We still laugh about it!

    DANA!!! Glad to see you here again! Yea, you NEVER know what will be goin on at our house. Andrew still keeps it interesting. Well, you know we want to get to MI ASAP. But we have to build the momentum here first, then we can spread out. Carla is really doin a lot for us. We should start seeing results real soon of the media blast she has been doing. Once we get some media attention, we should be on our way!

    I’ll be bloggin soon about the road trip we are working on starting real soon!

  6. Dana says:

    w00t! I’ll excited to hear about your road show! Just remember….the WEST side of the state ;-)

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