Living Multidimensional Lives

This is from a grieving mother that explains to another grieving mother on a Facebook post I came across in my news feed, how we live now as  parents moving through and healing grief:

” I too am now living a multidimensional life. You can’t shrink back to the size you were but other people are not that big. It took a tragedy for this to happen. I feel the same. And I wish it hadn’t. Communicating with my son gives me strength and comfort. It was him coming to me in my dreams that gave me strength. Your son will love and support you the way he did when he was alive and that’s what matters” ~Joanne B~

As grieving parents we do live multidimensional lives now if we want to have the new relationship with our child, and other people aren’t that big. They can’t comprehend the magnitude of what we have been through.

Martin and I  looked beyond what is before Andrew left, because it is part of the work that we do. And yes, we are much bigger now than we were then, and we can’t, nor do we want to shrink back to who we were, as much as people have wanted us to. It’s just NEVER going to happen! We’d rather have the new relationship with our son instead, and if that means people fall to the way side, then so be it.

For us grieving parents that are living multidimensional lives, we WILL be talking about our kids in the present and the things our kids are doing NOW! I am fortunate enough that we were in this “woo woo” world of multidimensional living prior to Andrew leaving, he’s just taken it to a whole new level for us, and people kind of expect us to tell them what Andrew is up to now. We also have people telling us what Andrew has been up to with them! But for other parents where this is new, it is quite the adjustment.

Some people expect grieving parents to never speak of their child again, like they never existed, while they go on about their own child here. Hardly seems fair. Our child’s life mattered too! Our child STILL matters! AND we LOVE talking about them in the present as well. Especially when we are living multidimensional lives, we have lots to share!  I know it’s not for the closed minded or for the old worn out dogmatic belief systems, but if you are open minded enough, ask about our child on the other side, you’ll be surprised just how enlightened you may become! It just might open you up and get you on your own spiritual journey of discovery! Our kids, through us, have so much more to teach! And that is exactly what we are going to do. Our kids did NOT come here to just fade away!

Andrew, Martin and I are living multidimensional lives, working together now to help others build that bridge to their loved ones who have moved on or build the bridge to their own Higher Consciousness. I can’t think of anything more important or anything else I’d rather do with my boys!




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    Love this. Not only a great post, but we can put this in other places. Awesome

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