LIVE! Interactive Global Book Launch Party EXTRAVAGANZA 2/22/2011

For our new book, “NO REGRETS!” “A Journey Through Life, Love and Beyond” about our journey with Andrew. So mark your calendars for this global event! Right now we’ll be doing 2 live shows at 2p.m. for our European friends and 7p.m. for our U.S. friends. We may add more shows depending on the time difference for those joining us in Australia.

We’ll be streaming live on the internet and it will be interactive with a chat room so you can ask questions or leave comments. We’ll also be giving thousands of dollars in bonuses away when you order our book on 2/22/2011. Martin will sing a few songs from his and Andrew’s music CD, I will read from our new book, we’re hoping to have a few people here to share their powerful encounters with Andrew while he was here and since he has left. Martin will give messages from Andrew/PureHeart and there might be a tour of Andrew’s room as well. It will be one big party to celebrate one amazing young man’s incredible life and you can join in on the fun right from your own home! Stay tuned for more details soon!


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4 Responses to LIVE! Interactive Global Book Launch Party EXTRAVAGANZA 2/22/2011

  1. Karen T says:


  2. admin says:

    wanna come over and be a part of it??! Say a few words perhaps? Looking for ppl to come over and say why buying this book is a great idea!

  3. kerri says:

    i am so psyched to see this. i am so putting in for the day off so i dont miss it.

  4. Karen T says:

    Give me details and I will be there!

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