Is what I am tired of getting! It’s also something I talked about at Megan’s service. Megan is the 11yo girl we met while in hospital with Andrew. She was the one that was going to make it through her stem cell transplant for her and Andrew, seven months after Andrew’s passing is when she went to meet him. I am happier than ever that I said what I did at her service, which I got a standing O for mind you. Who gets a standing O at a funeral service for a child? Oh yeah, ME! I saw all these people grieving the physical loss of Megan and hearing how she was such an inspiration to them. I had to speak my mind and say something about that at her service.

Before I knew it, I was standing in front of this standing room only funeral home. I hadn’t planned on speaking, but I knew I had to say something to make sure Megan’s legacy carried on. I literally felt a pull to go up and speak. I got up there with Andrew’s picture in hand and explained who I was. I explained how I knew Michele, Megan’s mother and her family. I mentioned how I have been listening to everyone say how Megan was such an inspiration to them. I told them that if she was truly an inspiration to them then they needed to live a life inspired by her. They needed to tell everyone how much this little girl changed their life and LIVE a life that reflected that! I told them that when they left the funeral home that day they needed to make sure that Megan’s legacy followed them home. That if she in fact did make that kind of impact on their life, they needed to honor her and live their life inspired by her, and NOT just let it be lip service! Megan’s life mattered and it was up them to make sure that it still did!

I have seen all too often how people will say how someone has inspired them but yet the last thing they are doing is living a life inspired by them. I can’t tell you how that pisses me off! I have seen it way too often with Andrew’s life. I am so tired of the lip service! If my son has inspired you, well goddammit! Live a life inspired by him! If you knew him and saw him in action, well there’s NO excuse! You know better so there’s NO excuse not to DO better! Not when you have seen someone like Andrew in action! People are inspired by him now that have only read his story in my book, and they never met him while he was here.

So for those that had the honor AND priviledge of being in his presence AND witnessed his grace AND courage in person, SHAME ON YOU for not living a life inspired by Andrew! Because it does NOT get any better than that lemme tell you! It doesn’t get any better, or more powerful than seeing a true Avatar in action in person my friends! Andrew didn’t just give lip service, he walked his talk even during the hardest time in his life. Not only did he do that, he taught through all the pain! AND he did it so effortlessly. That’s because he didn’t just give lip service, he APPLIED what he taught. He walked his talked. So how can Martin and I not do the same?! We APPLY and actually live a life inspired by our son.

If you want to honor someone that made a difference in your life that is longer physically here, well, WALK YOUR DAMN TALK! LIVE your life inspired by them! That is how you keep their Light shining and their life making a difference here! Because you know what? Their life DID matter and it is up to us to make sure that their Light continues to shine here. It’s not a rocket science people!

All you have to do is NOT be sitting in your shit, making excuses for you not moving forward in your life! BE INSPIRED! If these young children could be so inspiring while going through such horrendous conditions, well, I’m sorry, wait, no I’m not! You have NO excuse not to live a life inspired!

NO MORE LIP SERVICE! Get out of your own shit and get out there and live a life inspired by whomever you have said that has inspired you in the past. Posting other peoples’ quotes without proper action or APPLYING the knowledge means absolutely NOTHING! It’s nothing more than lip service and these people who have inspired us deserve more than effin lip service! So live a life INSPIRED!


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  1. Pureheart says:

    Hey babe
    Awesome sentiment. We do it, so we know it can be done. Sometimes it is difficult at worst, but worth it at best…


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