Ahhhhhh Wayne DYER did it again! Andrew had a great day!! The morning started off w/whining in stereo as Andrew and his room mate Brad were whining. :lol Martin and Patsy (Brad’s mom) just laughed at them. Brad didn’t want a blood transfusion, really?? Can’t even count how many ANdrew has had. Brad is 17 and deals with hemophilia. He had to have surgery due to bleeding in his abdomen. He was hoping he wouldn’t need blood. While Andrew was whining about having to get his mediport clean and changed. He thought it was going to hurt. It did not. We had yet another new nurse and she was great! Brad doesn’t need to be hooked up to IV’s 24/7 like Andrew so he gets around better. Has more energy and can eat w/o throwing up. Can’t be easy hearing Andrew hacking it up. :x

Andrew got hosed down i.e. a shower. :D He felt great after that as he down loaded 40 songs so far to his phone so he’s as happy as a pig in poop! :lol He puts his head phones on and bobs his wee head to the music and lightly sings. It does a mama’s heart good. :hugkiss

His wit was quick today I tell ya! :p But tonight we had a fever to deal with and slightly elevated blood pressure. :( He hacked up what he ate and I think it bothers me more than him because he said “I’m not going to let this get me down!” and proceeded to eat his fruit roll ups after….slowly! He’s an animal! :lol

His ANC #’s went up a bit to 130 but that’s not a big deal it’s his blass or blast or whatever the hell they call them cells that were at 2.6% Now that’s worth a doggie dance :dog They need those numbers to ideally be below 5% but will do transplant with it under 15% blast cells. Zero being the optimum!

They have to watch him after Friday for 7-10 days to see what his numbers do. Then I don’t know if they will let us home before the transplant or not. I don’t think they even know yet.

Well, this time at 3a.m. we have on PBS, John Denver Remembered. So if we can’t get our Wayne, John Denver is even more fantastic! Andrew’s ultimate hero!! Andrew is riding the benedryl wave right now |I and resting comfortably but I know his subconsciousness is picking it up! Maybe John will visit him again! It would be nice. Hmmm I guess I should call right away & donate because the channel is screwing up now dammit! How do they knowyou haven’t donated ??? Big brother is watching! Ooooooooo

Andrew and I were talking today & I was telling him about this little girl here about 18 months w/downs syndrome. Obviously on chemo because she’s bald. Her and I connected in such a cool way. Our eyes met and she starts to giggle. I always say “HI” telepathically & if I get their attention I say “You see things don’t you?” Well, that gets the biggest grin and giggle from her and she keeps staring at me. SO I keep “talking” to her. The mother or grandmother looks at me and wonders what the heck is going on because it looks like we’re having a conversation….which we are. ;) Last night around 2a.m. they were in the conference room because she was cranky…..until she saw me. Then we started up again and she was happy as all get out. It was so much fun! Had to go because they were trying to get her to go to sleep & I was no help! :lol

Anyways Andrew was asking “do you have to come here with some kind of disability if you are so evolved?? And why??” Then he said, knowing who he is, “I’m getting off unscathed compared to them!” He knows this healing journey is NOT a life long sentence like it is for others. Like it is for Brad who happens to be into Quantum Physics ;) so we lent him our What The Bleep movie. He loved it! No accident he’s in our room! :D

I told Andrew these souls come in sometimes to learn lessons for themselves but if they are really evolved it is to teach those around them. I really do wish I could keep a tape rolling 24/7 sometimes so I could remember exactly how he sez things. Because as we were talking about this healing journey, he said something in a way that he referred to it as an opportunity! It was beautiful the way he worded it. God chills and everything! I think it was his Higher Self that slipped that info in there! :sword

Even Andrew being who he is, this journey takes its toll on all of us! But then “somehow” we refuel and keep moving forward with our eye on the prize. All the love, prayers and energy everyone sends is our refueling w/o a doubt!!

I’ve rambled on for long enough! But that’s what happens when you have a lap top all night long & ur kid is on benedryl! :lol

Magickal Blessings!

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