Lighting The Night Again

Tonight was the 2011 kick off party for the Light The Night (LTN) walk for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.(LLS) I was debating if I was going to be on the committee this year. This summer has been a little rough on me emotionally. Grief was rearing it’s ugly head. I just didn’t know if I was up for LTN again this year. But as time went on, and I ordered my herbs for depression, I started to feel the heaviness of grief lift, so I felt like I could handle being on the committee again this year.

This kick off party, Elatia and Kaliana went with me, last year it was Daniel & Martin. It was at Marina Jack’s, which is a high end restaurant on the water in Sarasota, so I knew the food was going to be fab, and I was right.

Kaliana was so good and looked so pretty, and catching the attention of everybody. But something very interesting happened at this kick off party. A beautiful 8yo girl came by to see Kaliana, little girls just love babies. What happened next was quite surprising. Kaliana looked at this little girl like she was her long lost friend. I mean Kaliana was genuinely excited to see this little girl, like she recognized her.  Kaliana cooed at her, chatted away to her and reached for her. They hugged a few times. I almost cried, I knew something special was going on. Even this little girl’s mother was surprised by Kaliana’s reaction to her daughter. It really blew me away!  It was truly a magickal moment. I was thinking maybe there was some sort of past life connection because of how strongly Kaliana reacted to her. In our world those things are very possible, well, in everyone’s world it’s possible, not everyone is aware of it is all. I was wanting to tape them interacting together because it was just so cool.

When this little girl went with her mother to get in line for dinner, Elatia noticed that this little girl is actually the Hero for the LTN walk, her name is Hannah. They always have a Hero for the LTN walks, someone who has gone through treatment and survived. I thought, well that explains why Kaliana was drawn to Hannah, Andrew’s energy must be all around her. Andrew has a soft spot for kids dealing with or have dealt with leukemia.

When Elatia told me Hannah’s name, I told her that I remembered a Hannah being in the hospital with us,  she was pretty young, and I wondered what the chances were that this was the same Hannah. Even when you don’t get to know all of the people in the hospital, you do get to “know of” people while you are in there. How can you not when you are living there full time, or are there a lot for treatment? You can’t help but hear of other peoples’ stories while you are in a hospital for any length of time. Especially a Children’s Hospital.

I look at the flier on our table about Hannah, and notice that she was diagnosed in May of 2007, on Mother’s Day no less. I start thinking, and realized that we must have been in the hospital together. After the LTN presentation, I went over to Hannah’s mother to ask her if  we were in the hospital at the same time together. Sure enough, she remembered Andrew! That made me feel so good. She remembered my boy! I was excited about that! Hannah was only 4yo when we were in the hospital, and being a girl, it’s not like we would have roomed together, or would have really gotten to know one another all that well unless we hung out in the garden area, which I did not.

When I asked Hannah’s mother how she knew Andrew, she said she remembered seeing him in his room when she would walk the halls. She also remembered Martin always wearing Andrew’s denim jacket in the hospital. She said she saw Martin in mall not long after Andrew had passed, wearing that denim jacket. She also told me that she was just talking about Andrew last week to her husband. WOW! Here’s someone that we really didn’t get to know in the hospital, and yet she not only remembered us, but still talks about my son!

What I learned tonight is, you never know the impact you can have on someone, so ALWAYS be the best you,  that you can be. Because you never know how you could touch someone’s heart, make their day, or shift their consciousness just by being you! Here Andrew left a lasting impression, and he never really left his hospital room. That is some serious power there!

This kick off party left me with such a feeling of connectedness, that we indeed are all connected in one way or another. It bumped up my vibration is all I can say. Seeing my 5 month old granddaughter feeling so connected to someone she had never met before, (this lifetime anyway) stirred something deep inside of my soul, and also proves that saying, “we are all connected.” Kaliana is a healer, that is for sure! I know she healed another part of my broken heart tonight just by being her.

Now get out there and be the best you that you can be! You never know whose life you could leave an amazing, lasting impact on, even by the smallest of gestures, like your smile. :-D



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