Oh yea people! I had a 3 hour nap!! AND I still have another 2 hours b 4 my shift is over!! :-D

I still wonder how this could’ve happened to Andrew. I just don’t buy he attracted it. He doesn’t fit the profile to attract it. “Blocking the flow of life” ??? Soooo not him!

Now some things are just destined. We, including Andrew believe he probably signed up for it. We discussed it tonight. He asked “why would I sign up for something like this??” I said “Do you know how many of us have wondered that same thing about our own lives?? Did we not read the fine print??” lol I’m firing my counsel as soon as I get back I tell ya!!

I said that when we go over our contract to come here we get the full big picture. We see what positive things can come from certain experiences. We know that those experiences are temporary & great knowledge can be learned from them.

Personally I don’t think it’s Andrew who needs to learn anything. It’s all of us around him. Plus this experience will give him a voice!

He is an Indigo Child and they come here with a very important purpose. Most Indigos are labled ADD & ADHD. They tried doing that to Andrew. ADHD in our world just means “Already Dialed Into A Higher Dimension”

They don’t have time to get all the life experience they need so people will listen. Look what happened when they did try to talk about what they see and what they know, they were medicated! So they cram life experiences into a HUGE life experience to get people’s attention. Who’s going to listen to a 16 yr.old?? No one. Now who’s going to listen to a 16 yr, old who healed leukemia w/such courage and grace like no adult has?? Everyone, well a lot more anyway. What’s a year outta your life to gain the life experience you need to get the job done that you came here to do? And to effect people in a postive way as you go through this journey.

Dawn, one of his favorite day nurses told Andrew that he has effected her in a deep and profound way. Gina & Julie, PICU nurses have said the same thing. He is already on his life purpose! Look at all the attention he is getting now!! It has already begun.

So why is Andrew going through this?? To be heard! To teach! Anyone who can go through what this child has gone thru and STILL be happy and STILL say it’s all good and STILL say “Life is a game I never want to stop playing!” Is a master teacher and people need to listen!!

I am honored and humbled to be chosen to be his mother!



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