I always get song titles for my blog entries. Dunno why, it just is.

I have great news!! There are no luekemia cells in Andrews blood!! His spleen is fine now!! The small bleed at the base of his brain GONE! The blood clot in his arm gone! AND he only had 4 luekemia cells in his spine so he had another LP today. AND he is no longer losing his hair at any great speed!! Hardly at all infact!! It’s been over 2 weeks since chemo and he still has his hair!! He still has a military hair cut and still has hairy legs!! Eye brows and eye lashes are intact. He only lost a few eye lashes, nothing noticeable. :D :D :D :D :D

YOu know what that means!!!! Yup!! Let’s go!! Haaaaayyyyyyy Ohhhhhhh Haaaaaaayyyyyy Ohhhhhhh Hands in the air people & shake ur money makers!!! :belly :belly :belly Now let’s throw in some dancing dogs!! :dog :dog :dog :dog ANd a few dancing ANgels!! :dance :dance :dance AND a leprechaun for continued luck :irish Gotta have some fairy magick!!:FAIRY

Ok that’s the great news, here’s the issue. Yea, I know, don’t mean to piss in ur CHeerios, but if I had to hear it so do you! They don’t know what’s in his lungs. They have tested him for legionaires disease, abuh?? What the hell is that?? and who knows what else!! Still waiting to hear about the cultures. They want to do another procedure to see if they need to change his anti fungal IV. They don’t seem overally concerned but you know that mom gene is begging to kick in. Hold on while I bitch slap it…..there! That should hold it at bay for a bit. But we are now holding the truth of the great health of Andrew’s lungs!!! We get him eating then we’ll be crossing the finish line!!

He is at the moment coveting a Mounds candy bar :lol he took a small bite and has it right by his nose & keeps sniffing it. Awwww bless his wee heart. He also wanted a metal fork. Hey I don’t ask, I just give! :lol

 He is on the computer now. Cougin a bit but not as bad. He was depressed last night :-( He said he wasn’t seeing the finish line. We told him ALL the wonderful news we’ve been getting and he just couldn’t see it. He was upset that he didn’t manifest going home this past weekend. SO Martin reminded him that the how & when is up to the Universe/God/Goddess.  Martin got him to focus on all his recent wins like his white cell count coming up and other numbers coming up that need to. Martin told him to focus on being able to eat. We’ve got him making achieveable goals so he can see his progress. :-) We related it to like running a marathon. It’s the last 2 miles that r the hardest, your body and spirit has had enough & you want to quit, but it’s the people on the side lines cheering you on that keeps you going. That’s what Martin and I are here for. We couldn’t run this race for him, as much as we wanted to, but we are here to cheer him on and help him see the finish line when he couldn’t. Martin told him he couldn’t give up now. He said “OH,I’M NOT GIVING UP! NO WAY!”

So when he got the great news today of everything looking so great, he started to cry and said “I can see the finish line now!” Ok, time for you to cry now…*wipes own tear*

 We are Andrew’s cheering section and while I know you all are too, you all have really been Martin’s and my cheering section when we couldn’t see the finish line or a light at the end of a very loooong dark tunnel. You’ve given us support and love in so many ways. You’ve given the gift of us being able to be with our Andrew 24/7 and for that there are no words adequate enough to express our deepest gratitude!. 

4-6 WEEK Hospital stay for luekemia healing….a gazillion dollars, having scrape fix from car getting hit in hospital parking lot….$250, Staying at the clown house i.e. Ronny Donny house while healing going on…$10 a night, having friends & family all over the world love and support you…..PRICELESS!!
:blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE

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  1. Elatia says:

    It’s so much more tear jerking and wonderful to read the progress in print! BTW U should submit for your mastercard commercial!! I know they were doing a contest for that not too long ago.

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