1. Jane says:

    I lit my candle first thing this morning, before I went to work. Andrew let me know he was visiting and each time as I heard different people at work say ”It’s All Good” it made me smile and remember how much he is loved. I was thinking of him on my drive to work and realised the car in front of me had my initials in the numberplate ”JDS”, just wonderful messages that happened throughout the day, that he was around.

    (((Connie))) (((Martin))) (((Elatia))) and (((Andrew)))

  2. Dana says:

    “It’s All Good!’

    Hooray! I feel that this is a blessed day indeed! Keep focusing on the LOVE!

    [[[ Connie & Martin! ]]]

  3. Swati says:

    Happy “Its All Good Day” everyone!! :-))) Its ALLLLLLLLLLLLL goooooooooooood!!

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    LET’S SET THIS DAY A BLAZE WITH OUR LOVE FOR ANDREW!! Through being positive ALL day, lighting a cyber candle or a candle in your home.

    While this is the anniversary of the worst day of my life, it is also the anniversary of the most sacred day of my life to date. Let Andrew’s love and inspiration live loud in our hearts!!! Let his message continue to touch many lives!!

    IT’S ALL GOOD!!!!

  5. Lord Horus says:

    Hey Guys

    (646) 915-8908 That is the phone number for the show tonight. You know I am hosting it for Martin and Connie, but it would be great if a bunch of you called in to keep me and Leah Company!!!


    ITS ALL GOOD!!!!


  6. Leila says:


    Jeremy I’d love to but I’ll be @ the beach with ((((Connie, Martin & Elatia)))). Besides you have them all the time!
    nanannana to the rest of you :-p LOL not really I’ll just have to give them extra hugs from all of you! :-)

    Love sent to everyone here!!! It’s All Good!!!!

  7. Denise says says:

    “Its All Good” !!!!! had a lot of reminders from Andrew today!! Miss you all {{{{{{{{{{ Group HUG }}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Jeremy I’ll try to get on, in the middle of midterm study, but will try to take a break!!

  8. Swati says:

    Oh mannn…I forgot the radio show again. Somehow I never remember to listen in to any radio show. And I had this golden opportunity to harass Jeremy and Leah. Sigh….its all lost. But I shall officially sulk in about 30 minutes, because in about 30 minutes it will be 12:00, so I will have the permission to sulk and whine! While its its Its All Good Day here, I cannot sulk.

  9. Dana says:

    I went to bed at 7:51pm last night cuz I came down with a full blown cold and sore throat yesterday. On the plus side, I have a legitimate reason to call off work and study today *goes off in search of DayQuil*

  10. Lord Horus says:

    Whatever… *flips my hand like a valley girl*. LOL.. Tiz fine though Leah and I handled it all.. though we did Call Swati out on the air… so do listen to the archive. The show is a good laugh if nothing else… PLUS Theres More.. You get to hear me try to explain to people that I don’t talk to Dead People and Im only the guest host.

  11. Leah Clark says:

    Yes, we certainly did have a great time! Now that I think about it, Jeremy, we COULD have given readings based on what we thought people should do. THAT might have been fun! But considering the trouble we’d have been in when Martin got back in town, maybe not. Still fun to think about it, tho! hahaha

  12. Swati says:

    LOL!! I’ll go listen to the archive, but can you both do a radio show again? Soon? And please give readings imagining people are calling you with questions :-D.

  13. Leo says:

    I did light a candle in my office and I was able to take five full minutes of meditation. When I opened my eyes, there was all this shimmering white light energy… .

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