I had started this already once and it disappeared!!! ARRRG! SO I’ll start ALL over AGAIN! dammit! Where’s the PO’d icon when u need one!

SO I’ll give you the evening update of our ANdrew. Actually it is the early morning one since it’s now 2:30a.m.

I finally got Martin to tell me what Andrew was getting done tomorrow. He was afraid the mom gene :hugkiss was going to kick in. :lol I knew something was up when they wanted to sedate him for a cat scan. Andrew thinks he’s being sedated because it’s going to take awhile. SO we’ll go with that.

He is getting a thin needle into his lungs :eek to get a biopsy. They want to make sure what kind of fungus he has so they can treat it exactly w/the right meds. His xrays will look good, then have something there, then look good ect. SO they want to see exactly what is going on. You’d think the broncosopy would’ve done that but apparently not. :\

Because he is doing so well, the docs don’t want to leave anything to chance or probablies (is that a word?) They don’t want to leave any stone unturned. They want to keep his progress moving forward as well as it has been & treat his lungs properly, no guessing. I can appreciate that.

Next order of buisness, we found out his weight tonight :x he’s down 48 lbs!!:eek He’s 6 foot and weighed 138 lbs a month ago! U do the math :x :x :eek I know there’s a Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie, crack ho joke in there somewhere but it eludes me at the moment. Not sure if I want to laugh or cry right now. :\ Martin is going to get serious w/him eating tomorrow..later today actually, when he comes out of sedation.

So let’s move on to wins!! :D He had a great day today! No procedures! YAY! Doggie time :dog He was up and in a chair for hours! Was on the computer. He was drinking his scandie shakes, v-8 splash, & had some pudding!! ANd he didn’t struggle, spit or sputter while drinking them. Major big deal w/that! Angel kitty time! :CAT He didn’t have any major coughng spells! That’s worth a :hula !! WHen he was lying in the recliner he was talking to me and I could hear and understand him CLEARLY!!!!!! That is HUGE!! That’s worth a song! :piano

His blood pressure and temp has been great!!! He’s sleeping now and sounds so peaceful! YAY! He was even giving Martin a hard time making fun of his card hangin abilities. It kept falling down. He actually laughed out loud and tickled himself! :lol :lol He said “Ooops! DId I say that out loud??” then giggled! :lol :lol :lol Mom gene :hugkiss kicked in and I went over to give him a big hug and told him how great it was to hear him laugh again!! I held back the tears. He told me how great it was to hug me, he loved his mama hugs! Yea, that got a tear! 8)

So todays assisgnment, if you choose to take it, (just can’t get that Mission Impossible thing outta my head! :lol ) is to pray that all goes better than expected w/his lung procedure & that they know exactly how to treat it easily. Part 2 of your assignment is that we can get him eating more & gaining healthy weight.

He is only producing HEALTHY white blood cells so we continue to know & hold that truth!! Know the truth that the 4 luekemia cells in his spine yesterday are now gone, transmuted by all the love :LOVE being sent his way!! SO It IS!!

Martin was talking to the mother next door to Andrew outside. Martin made her cry just talking to her about how to handle this. SHe said she was drawn to him and wanted to talk to him. SHe mentioned first that she has read several of Doreen Virtue’s books. WHen Martin told her we know Doreen and have worked for her, she said that was the sign she needed to confirm that he was the right person to talk to. SHe thinks she’s heard of Indigo Children. :lol Yea, we knew what book to reccommend :lol  If you don’t undrestand that last sentence just move on, it’s an inside joke for ATP’s.

When this family first arrived, ANdrew’s 5th neighbor in that room, I looked in and the little girl’s and my eyes locked. I loved her energy, I elt a connection. SHe’s 9 and is healing A.L.L. luekemia. SO who knows, we might get to know these people. There have been a few cool people we have met that are here to heal and move on from it like us. Mostly we stay to ourselves. DO not want to get caught up in anyone’s elses drama. YOu have to be so very careful in these places not to take on anyone elses stuff on. It would be so easy. Goddess Bless these nurses! They do such a great job and yet can keep their distance. You have to or you’d go crazy!

My myspace friend, Leah, I told you about that wrote the song for ANdrew?? She is professionally recording it for us. SHe got the recording studio to donate the time. She is going to put a slide show of Andrew on it as well. She is going to GIVE us the cd’s to sell at the benefit at the Irish Rover Aug. 23rd. I am constanly blown away by the amazing support we have received. And how much from people I’ve never met! They say you find out who your friends are when tradegy strikes? I have found that I have MORE beautiful friends then I ever could’ve imagined!! Only 2 “friends” I was giving one last chance to redeem themselves and they did not. Water off a duck’s back. Didn’t care to begin with. Was expecting what I got. Now my conscious is clear.

So now you are up to date! That is the news, good night and have a pleasant tomorrow! (is that from SNL in the 70’s w/CHevy Chase and Jane Curtain?? :lol can’t wait till i can sleep nights again!!)


:blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE

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