I know, how cliche of me right? I was going to wait till late tonight to write this but I am feeling the nudge, push, alright shove, into writing it now. Dunno why, I just follow orders. It’s my job, it what I am commanded to do! lol

Again, Andrew has a very simple yet incredibly powerful lesson/message for you. Everybody talks about how they want peace on Earth but they aren’t willing to do the one thing that could actually bring it about! The “Let it begin with me” is the most powerful part of that saying!

Think about it, instead of always trying to force peace on the outside, how much more simple and yet incredibly effective & POWERFUL it would be if people would find peace within themselves FIRST. That has more of a ripple effect than any charity or organization could do for World Peace. What these organizations should be teaching people is finding peace within themselves.

Now you know I have an example for you. Here is Andrew, a 16yr.old boy who loved life like no one I’ve ever seen before. He had such a peace about him no matter what he was going through, that meeting him effected your heart and you felt that peace that he had. Just being in his presence made you more peaceful. He effected people so much so that his skin team would argue who got to see him! LOL SO they usually came in together!

This “boy,” we really know he was more of a man than most men we know! Had effected an entire hospital & through the blog the world, just being who he was. He wasn’t trying, he just was himself and that was enough to forever change a lot of people’s lives. He got them to think about their own lives and how they handled things. To think how they could be more peaceful like Andrew. Thinking here’s this kid going through so much yet he ALWAYS has a smile and a kind word for you. How can I not work on being the same way? SO now I’m sure there a lot of people out there saying “What would Andrew do” Tap into him and he’ll tell you!

It’s a short message but a powerful one! AND IT’S TRUE! Have people feel better & more peaceful leaving your presence than when they met you and you will have a ripple effect of bringing Peace on Earth! I promise!

So the next time you feel stressed and not at peace, take a deep breath and remember the REAL important things in your life. Remember your good health, the love you have in your life. I’m not sure what Andrew tapped into to stay at peace in a very un-peaceful situation but he managed to do it. That is what made him so evolved! I will ask him and get back to you on the answer on how he was able to do it. Maybe he just loved life so much to not let any thing interfere with it!
I may be adding more later, not sure. But he wanted me to get this down now. He will be bumping up his teachings. I will probably have Martin giving me the more intense lessons straight from Andrew’s mouth.

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13 Responses to LET THERE PEACE ON EARTH…..

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Hey! I beat Swati to the punch! LOL So much for peace…

    (jk Swati dear – big hugs!!!!)

    Connie – thanks for posting this. I haven’t had much inner peace today, trying to keep my guard up in my job and make sure nobody really knows what’s going on with me – essentially FIGHTING everything and everyone. I was thinking about Andrew earlier, ‘cuz I heard “I’m Coming Home” by Daugherty. I have to remember that peace really does begin with me – thanks for listening to the nudge and posting this early!

    Love ya,

  2. Swati says:

    “He had such a peace about him no matter what he was going through, that meeting him effected your heart and you felt that peace that he had. Just being in his presence made you more peaceful.”

    This reminds me of what Sandra had told me. After hearing of Andrew’s ascension, I had to talk to someone who I felt would feel the same as me, and would be open to talk about it, someone I felt comfortable with. So I emailed Sandra from our ATP board. It was wonderful to read her email…and part of what she wrote was about Andrew’s energy. She said he had this aura about him…that felt like Buddha…

    The lesson is well taken. Its just so hard to be at peace within oneself though. So easy to lose one’s peace. But I will keep this in mind…and try to embody peace.

    How is the prettiest mama doing today?


  3. Myra Procter says:

    How very true Connie. Andrew has touched my life in a huge way and I only wish I could have had the privilege to meet him in person. Through your blogs I am getting to know him better and I look forward to more of his wonderful ‘lessons’.

    Love to you all

  4. Swati says:

    Leah!!!!!!!! LOL!! I was thinking while posting this message that today I am late, Leah would post before me! LOLOLOLOL!!! Hey, not fair! I am the Stalker-in-Chief ;).

    Oh well, I guess “Its all good” :D.


  5. Leah Clark says:

    hahaha…. Swati! You are totally the Queen Stalker! I bow to your greatness!!! ;) ;) LOLOL

  6. admin says:

    I have been in total awe of Andrew for quite some time. But then to see him in the hospital?? With such grace and courage?? He was mesmerizing to watch! And Sandra is right, many people including his friends felt the Buddha energy from him. She go to meet him briefly in England last year. His friends started calling him Little Buddha a few months before his diagnosis.

    Myra, I am so sorry that so many won’t be able to meet him in person now. It sucks! I loved showing him off in the hospital when he was allowed of his room. I was so proud of him! I am still so proud of him! I am so glad so many people are getting to know him now and are being touched by his spirit!

    Leah and Swati!!! LOL LOL LOL Duking it out eh? LOL LOL :-D I bow to both your greatnesses! ;-)


  7. admin says:

    I added another paragraph to this post just to let u know. You were my & Andrew’s inspiration for it Leah! :-)

  8. Leah Clark says:

    Wow Connie – too cool! And THANKS!!! Karen T. and I were talking on my drive home tonight and I was telling her about Andrew’s latest teaching about peace… I told her I didn’t have anything else to complain about once I thought about everything you all went through. I was actually reminded about breathing while I was in the car, so to read it here now just reinforces it. LOL Sometimes I gotta hear it twice! :)

    Love ya,
    Leah xoxox

  9. Leah Clark says:

    Oh – just have to write this – I know at least part of what Andrew tapped into – the love and peace that you and Martin showed him! I remember my first visit to the hospital – Martin was so gentle and loving, and you were so encouraging… it was inspiring to me. :)

  10. Anna Taylor says:

    Ahh. That is soooooo true. That peace starts with us. You’re right, Andrew did have an incredible peace about him. But Leah, is right too, Connie. The love you and Martin gave him was a HUGE part of that. You ARE blessed that he is your son but I KNOW he is blessed to have you as his parents. Remember what he said in the song he gave me? ;-)

    Love you xxx

  11. admin says:

    I accept that Leah and Anna! The love Martin and I shared had a HUGE impact on Andrew’s life! In fact that is going to be the lesson for today. What does that mean???? Stay tuned! :-D

  12. Leah Clark says:

    Ooo! Ooo! I guess that whole thing about how we CHOOSE the souls we want to incarnate with in each lifetime so as to best learn the lessons we want to learn would come into play here, wouldn’t it? HA! I give myself a gold star for that one!!!! :) :) :P

  13. admin says:

    Yup! A gold star for you Leah!! But people make the mistake and think EVERYTHING is destined which it is not. If it were, then there would be NO free will! And Earth is ALL about the free will! :-D

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