Tonight was my week to cook dinner. Elatia and I trade cooking dinner every Tuesday, so tonight was my night. After everyone was here, Chrissy, my cuz from Belfast and my playmate for 2 weeks, goes into the bathroom, then comes right out all excited and announces, drum roll PLEEEEEEASE……….”the fairy light is on”!!!!!!! WoOT WOoT!!!

About time Muck!! I guess he wanted to wait until he had an audience! LOL :-D

I also guess I will know better from now on NOT to question how the light comes on, just know Muck turns the light on and that’s it! Ok, I get it Muck! :-)

I have to say, having Wes around does wonders for me. It does help ease the pain of missing Andrew somewhat. He wasn’t here this past weekend though. :-( Last weekend he was here. After we got home from Riley’s party (Wes didn’t go) Wes came by. It was close to midnight and it was actually a nice night so me and Wes walked up to Speed Way gas station and store at midnight so he could get some beef jerky.

It was something me, Muck & Wes woulda done when Muck was here. It was hard being at Riley’s party because just last year Andrew was there at Riley’s 7th b-day party with us. It was just so weird, it still doesn’t seem real, it didn’t seem that long ago that we all went to Riley’s party. So walking with Wes nearly 2 miles & talking helped me get through the feelings of missing Muck.

For CJ’s graduation party on Sat. I brought Andrew’s picture that looks like a senior pic that was taken at Elatia’s wedding & put it on the table where CJ’s cake was. It was fun being around the teenage boys but a bit sad too, Andrew is just so handsome and graceful and funny, I just miss him so much!

I thought it was cool that CJ introduced his girlfriend Chris, to Andrew’s picture. He even asked for a green bracelet that we had given out at Andrew’s service, for Chris. I told him that by doing that it would bind him to her forever because it’s a very special bracelet. It didn’t seem to scare him. lol

I knew Andrew was sitting out by pool with Martin and the boys (it was too hot for me to be outside) as Martin had them all enthralled with his knowledge of aliens and all things paranormal.
I could see Andrew sitting in a patio chair in his camo shorts, and his Harry Potter “Mischief Managed” t-shirt with a HUGE grin on his face as he watched his Daddy talking to his friends, Andrew was really enjoying it and proud of his Dad. Martin confirmed he saw Andrew too wearing the same thing. Of course it’s just not the same as having him here, BUT……


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  1. Tammy says:

    Connie, I am so glad that you have a playmate for 2 weeks & I love the fact that the boys still include you in their lives!!!! That says alot for the relationships that YOU built with them when Andrew was here….& says alot about Andrew…I did have an Andrew moment on the 24th of May…& I remember the day because I was 2 days late on my Vehicle Registration & NEEDED to register NOW…but in my infinite wisdom; when I received my “bill” I had planned to send a check right away…but forgot…I threw the top portion away that has the “internet code that you need to do it online, the code 7license plate #…otherwise no go for the internet & I NEEDED it NOW…so I threw a “little” tantrum it really was a little one ;0)…then calmed down and said I couldn’t of thrown it away…crap where is it…then I told Andrew that I needed to go get his friend & we needed to be police free….I was told to look into my school desk…..& by Andrew (George) there it was…so I was able to register it online & print it out & be totally safe!! Goddess I LOVE that kid!!!!

  2. admin says:

    LOL LOL LOL How cool is my freakin kid??? Hasn’t he done stuff like that before for you?? I just love him!! He is doing amazing stuff for the people that love him! These stories make my heart sing!!!

    Andrew’s friends are still a part of our lives and it does say a lot! Cory and Cj came over one weekend to help us empty the small warehouse bay and to hang with us. They brought their computers so they could play WOW with Martin. It was great! Now CJ is moving to Key West to go to school so we won’t be seeing him that much. :-( But WOW should keep him and Martin connected.

    Thanks for sharing your Muck story!

  3. Tammy says:

    Yes…he has done things like that before…& YES he is a FREAKIN COOL KID…..I am sorry he is moving to the Keys….& your welcome….I like helping to make your heart sing!!!!

    Love Me

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