Leaving On A Jet Plane

Martin hates that song but Andrew loved it. We even sang it at a party at our cousin ClaireAnne’s (the bride on the cruise) inlaw’s house the Saturday before we left N. Ireland to come home. So what song comes on the radio as we are pulling up to the airport with my sister in law AnneMarie? Yup! Leaving On A Jet Plane by John Denver! NOT Peter, Paul & Mary. I had even put a few lines of the song on my Facebook status the day before. I mean seriously! When do you hear John Denver on the radio anymore!? We do! ;-)

Then our gate was number 22. We said, “Of course it is!” Andrew had Martin singing the whole song in the airport bathroom in Newark. Knowing the words to songs is not Martin’s strong suit to say the least. Especially ones he doesn’t like! Martin then sees Andrew doing the whole reeling in a fish sign, like he got Martin hooked on the song now. Andrew was laughing then asked Martin if he minded. Martin replied “No, because it’s all about the connection Muck!” And that it is.

Andrew was making it quite clear that he was with us as he knows how hard it is for me to leave everyone. It has been so nice to have family around, it has been a great distraction from the grief. So much so that on July 11th the first thing that came to my mind was Elatia’s birthday, NOT Andrew’s diagnosis day. It was the 3rd anniversary of his Leukemia diagnosis & my mind was more occupied about her birthday. If I had been home alone like usual, I don’t think that would have been the case.

My cousin, & ClaireAnn’s sister, Chrissy and I were watching John Edward the day before Martin & I were leaving. John was stressing how we need to acknowledge the signs our TLO’s send to us. They really work hard at it. I totally agree! He said it might be a song on the radio, which of course I already know. ;-) It was great to get such a strong sign from Andrew as we were leaving. Then when we landed in Newark, we were on runway 22 as well. There’s just no denying the signs. :-) Acknowledge yours too!

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