Laughter IS The Best Medicine!

It’s not just a worn out, old cliche. There is scientific proof of the benefits laughter has on the body, the mind and the soul. I know humor has been a very important role in our lives with dealing with Andrew’s diagnosis, 4 months hospital stay, and passing. People who haven’t seen us in years can not believe how young we look after everything we have been through these past 6 years. It certainly has been quite a lot of trauma. I tell people that taking care of ourselves, keeping a positive attitude more times than not, AND the painting in our attic have attributed to our youthfulness.

Five months after Andrew left we were on stage doing our comedy show. I continued to try and book it for the first year after Andrew left. But then a concert was forming with songs Andrew was giving Martin, and that was easier to book, not as easy to get people to show up to, but pretty easy to book. I figured the stand up comedy was a thing of the past. I thought I was being moved into a different direction. When I had a hard time booking anything, I took a 2 year break from booking any events and went to work asking, “soup or salad with that?” at Olive Garden. Oh how Hollywood of me!

After the 2 years I got the itch again, you can’t keep an attention ho off the stage, we need our audience. This time I focused on booking mediumship events. I figured people will show up for that and they did. But everything came to an abrupt halt when Martin took ill on our UK tour. Our 3 week tour has turned into 5 months and counting.

Well, now I am being guided in a new direction yet again! I have been draggin my feet on it too. I mean, I don’t want to put all this work into something new only to have it sit and do nothing. I have enough projects like that!

I was actually surprised at what direction I was being guided to go. A direction I thought I was all done with, stand up comedy! I had made peace with not doing comedy anymore because I knew I would bring humor to what ever we did. Of course even this project is going to be a hard sell too. It’s another outside of the box one. *sigh*

I am being guided to write a stand up comedy act about grief. Not just any grief, but the grief over losing Andrew. *gasp* I hear you say? Too taboo? Well, that’s what we do. Take things people don’t like to talk about and shine a big ole light on it, and poke fun at it too. What can I say, it’s a gift we have.

What inspired me to do this was some conversations I had with a few moms from a Facebook parents grief group I recently joined. My first grief group actually. I was able to make them laugh about Andrew being on the other side, so I thought, “hmmmm I may be onto something here! If I can make grieving mother’s laugh about losing my son, maybe I can make others laugh about grief too!” Our kids are happy on the other side and they want us to be as well. Yeah, easy for them to say! But I have to say, Andrew has kept us laughing since he has left. I have made of fun of my anger, my frustration and my grief. I figure if I can do that, maybe it will give others permission to do the same. After all, laughter IS the highest vibration!

So I have begun pulling together the new comedy act about grief. There will be parodies as well, like my other metaphysical comedy stand up act. I’m going to call this one, “GOOD GRIEF!” A Comedy Show. “Turning Devastation into Celebration. Healing grief one laugh at a time.”

Now, to be able to book it AND get people to actually show up! That will be the issue. That is always the issue! One thing we can’t do is a comedy show for a few people. Done it, hate it, won’t do it again! It’s NOT fun! Comedy is suppose to be fun. So if you are interested in seeing this show, or know of any venue ballsie enough to have us in their place, please contact us!

Our goal with this event is to show people it’s ok to laugh and live again after a tragic loss, even after the loss of a child. Also to prove that laughter IS the best medicine!


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  1. admin says:

    I am very pleased to announce that the Cosmic Center Of Spiritual Light in Sarasota Fl is the 1st venue to perform our GOOD GRIEF comedy show at. Thank you for being open & progressive in the healing process!

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