Kick Ass Birthday Present From My Muck!

As I mentioned before, I was struggling with Andrew’s 21st birthday coming up. It’s hard when you don’t have family near by to lean on for support when you are dealing with grief. Especially birthdays of your child who has crossed and their friends have moved on.

So this past week coming up to Andrew’s birthday, I told him I wanted a present from him. I mean, since I can’t get him one, there’s no reason why someone shouldn’t get a present on his birthday, right? And why not ME!? I’m his PrettyMama, I carried him inside me. Not that I’d use that against him, ok, I kinda am, but I don’t care, you work with what ya got!

All week I pondered what he would do for me, like what kind of kick ass thing would he get or do for me. What does an Avatar on the Other Side get for his PrettyMama on this side for his birthday? Well he delivered it! He didn’t turn on his faerie light, and yes he has heard about that one, but he did something pretty kick ass regardless!

We met a psychic who lives in London named Roger Hanson at the Juicy U conference in Boca Raton Fl., where we spoke a few weeks ago. He does Spirit drawings, and spoke on the last day of the conference. He will draw your Guide or who ever wants to come through, as well as give you messages in the drawing.

Before Roger came over from London for his Florida tour he did a promotional video of doing a Spirit drawing in January for his monthly newsletter. When he was done, he said that the Spirit was a young man who had passed from cancer. No one claimed him on his email list. Roger then figured that the young man belonged to someone in Florida since that was where he was going. Well, no one claimed him on his Florida tour either. He didn’t mention the drawing in the talk he did in Boca, he talked about Soul Plans, which was very interesting.

Roll forward to today, Andrew’s 21st birthday, and I get an IM from Roger on Facebook. He told me that he might be over stepping a line, but he was getting nudged to contact us. He had something he wanted to share with us because he thought it might be from our son. He sent me a link to the video he taped in January. Watch it here.

As the video unfolds, the tears start to well up and fall down my cheek as I realize this indeed IS my Muck! I let Roger know that, YES! We claim him! That’s our boy! Roger said we could call him so he could tell us what it was like bringing him through. We called him and we were able to sort out what Luke, the 5th, meant and possibly Sean. The others were obvious to us. Roger said that the love that came through as he did the drawing was amazing, it filled the room. Sounds like our Muck!

When I was watching the video, I wasn’t sure what the above words meant at first, but the three of us together were able to figure it out. The 5th is three things, first, it’s the 5th birthday that Andrew hasn’t been here, May is the 5th month, and Oct 22, 2012 is Andrew’s 5th anniversary of his journey Home. Luke is the name we gave to the chemo bear Andrew got while in hospital. Martin remembered that while we were talking to Roger. Andrew was telling Martin that Luke was a funny story and that was it. I know, how is a chemo bear funny? Well we thought it was funny that the bear had patches of hair that came off and Andrew had patches of hair that did not. Don’t be judgin! You spend 4 months on a children’s cancer floor and see what you find funny. You might be surprised. Then again, it could be just us that look for the humor in everything. Roger also said Luke was for leukemia now that he thinks back on it. As far as the Sean, we have a good friend name Sean but spelled Shaun. Since it was the Gaelic spelling of it, and Andrew met Shaun in Ireland, that possibly that could be it. Time will tell.

Roger said the “No Fear” then “Passage” had to do with not fearing crossing over. We all know I’m not! I’ll be skippin my way over there with a big ole grin on my face and a “peace out bitches” attitude! Martin and I thought it could also be about the time Andrew’s O.T. Adele wrote “No Fear Zone” on his white board in his hospital room, and he corrected it when he woke up by saying his room was a courage zone. I think there is several messages in it to be honest.

Not only did Andrew give me that drawing for his birthday, Roger also had a message for us from Andrew… “I love you both so much. our hearts are forever bonded. you are both as bright on the earth plane, as i am on the non-physical plane. and i cherish you from ‘here’ as much as you cherish me from ‘there.’ ”

I have to say, my boy came through for me and made his 21st birthday a special one thanks to Roger following his guidance. Roger is sending us the picture and it will be framed and hung in Andrew’s room! We also enjoyed our steakie goodness at Longhorn’s with Kaliana, Elatia and Daniel.


PS if you want to see the updated version of this video, it’s in the post after this one. It has Andrew speaking. Click on the “blog home” link to see all posts.  Plz feel free to share this video!

Steakie Goodness Time!

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9 Responses to Kick Ass Birthday Present From My Muck!

  1. Karen T says:


    Those were the only things I didn’t get too. Thanks for telling…it’s even more awesome!!

  2. admin says:

    From a friend & a client from a long time ago who knew Andrew when he was a little guy….

    “Connie, Words cannot express what I just felt while reading this. Tears are flowing as well. WOW!!! What a wonderful gift for you as is the “Presence” of beloved Andrew. Sending many smiles your way & you are truly an inspiration. Much was blessed to call you his mama. Happy Mother’s day Connie & Happy Birthday Andrew xo….” Jennie

  3. admin says:

    From a friend Leila on FB as well…

    “What a lovely gift! As I watched the video yesterday the name Sean puzzled me- Sean Lennon? I figured Sean is someone close to you & Martin. Happy Mother’s Day Pretty Mama ♥”

  4. Beverley Jayne says:

    wow wow and wow again ! so happy for you all :)
    serendipity eh , you got to love it xxx

  5. a wonderful gift any time of year. hugs to you both

  6. Cathy Talsma says:

    Wow, I cant even move!! So awesome. Thanks for sharing, Cathy

  7. Anita says:

    Connie that was absolutely incredible my tears were flowing so loving, so beautiful. Happy Birthday to Andrew and above all to you and Martin Happy Mothers Day! Yes Fathers play the Mother role sometimes!!! Lot’s of Blessings, Peace, and Love! Anita and family!!

  8. Adele Luxa says:

    Hi all, love reading your stuff! Andrew is amazing. I was quoted in your article. I feel special! hope to make it to one of your workshops. Adele

  9. admin says:

    LOL Adele, you were one of Andrew’s confidants along w/Betsy. He trusted you 2 so very much! Very cool he gave you a shout out. I’m sure there’s more to it & we’ll find out what it is as time unfolds. Did ya hear we were at ACH on May 11th? Make sure you see the updated video w/Andrew speaking! It will def be in the next newsletter. Hope to see you soon!

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