Andrew isn’t in this story, shocking I know. He was behind the scenes on this one, but this is just too funny not to share.

Martin will get people calling him that are pretty psychic themselves, but not professionally. He does get professional psychics that call him as well, but this client wasn’t a professional psychic. This client Martin had the other night was awesome. This person is really on the ball, but she needed some validation on a few things she was picking up from one of her Guides. Fair enough, we all love to get validation that the information we are getting from our Guides is correct.

This particular client kept avoiding calling Martin. Her Guide kept guiding, nudging, pushing, her to call Martin, but she kept ignoring her Guide and skipping over Martin and calling other psychics. *sigh* When will they learn!? You’re never gonna win that game! She admitted she didn’t want to call Martin because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to hear what he had to tell her. Well, if you don’t want to hear the truth, Martin would NOT be the one to call. There are plenty of psychics out there who have no problem telling you what you want to hear, but that is not how you learn and grow. You would be surprised how many people really don’t want to learn and grow. But this was NOT this client. She finally sucked it up, put on her big girl panties, and called Martin.

When she called Martin, she admitted to him that she had called several different psychics first. She asked Martin what he was picking up from her main Guide. The first thing Martin picks up, is that she has Native American Guide, she confirms that. Martin then gives her the message from her Guide, in detail. She is unduly impressed. She informs Martin that is exactly what she was getting from her Guide as well, and wanted the confirmation. But it wasn’t what the other psychics had told her. What did two of the other psychics tell this client what her Native American Guide had to say to her? Are you ready for this one? Cause it’s a goodie! You may have guessed it already. If you guessed that not only did this Native American Guide said, “HOW,” he even did the Indian hand gesture as well! SERIOUSLY?! That’s it? C’MON! Could they have been anymore stereotypical? I couldn’t stop laughing at the idiocy of it all! Not even I would give a reading that bad!

Ok, as I was typing this story out, I believe I just heard her Native American Guide, and he’s quite the funny guy let me tell you! ( I heard “Injun,” but we’ll go with guy instead) He said, “In the other two psychics’ defense, I actually did say and do that. I did it so she would call Martin. That is who she really needed to talk to, and I was running out of options.” Well, “HOW” *insert groan* funny is this story? It just kept getting funnier and funnier the more I typed it out!

Connecting with Spirit is not only uplifting and fun, but freakin hilarious too!


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