Denise and I are learning from Colleen how to work with polymer clay. I need something to do to keep me busy and off the streets and out of Martin’s hair! :-)

We went over Monday to get started. We are planning, if they let us, to have a booth in Bradenton when they start their sunset party at the docks once a month, like they do in Key West, only it’s every night there.

I decided to make Celtic design & crystal pendants with stands to start simple. I think I may be onto something for back of the room sales at our shows. I made a pedant like our tattoo and it came out very cool looking. I made the Celtic knot impression with my silver pendant, then added a green heart to put in the center, then a trimmed it with a rope looking style, added some gold rub to it and it came out awesome! I can make it as a pendant, a magnet or a keychain! I am going to cut a bit more around it so can write “It’s All Good” on the bottom on one side and “Glan Croi” on the other! Cool huh?? So for those who couldn’t come to Andrews service and get a green bracelet, you can have this! I’ll be making them in brown, gold, black, and purple. I am excited about it! Denise and I have been busy lil boogers shopping for supplies!

Colleen was kind enough to make us quartz crystals that we could put some of Andrew’s ashes in. Elatia didn’t want hers as a pendant so Colleen made her a stand. Wesley’s was made as a pendant with green leaves on top but also wanted a stand. So his was my first project. It came out absolutely gorgeous! I am quite pleased with it if I do say so myself! It looks so cool! It has that kind of Hern, Green Man, look to it. So I will be making crystal pendants with matching stands! May have to add another little store here! :-D

I am excited about starting to something creative. I need to do something productive.


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  1. Swati says:

    Ploymer clay is a LOT of fun. I have done some sculpting…and it is very very satisfying.

  2. admin says:

    I’m excited that I can easily make pieces to offer at our shows in honor of Andrew and cool stuff with crystals.

  3. Dana says:

    Pics plskthx! ;)

    I’ve been jonesing to do something creative myself! But with classes coming up – methinks I’ll have to be content straining my brain for the the time being! I can’t wait to see what you’ve made tho Connie! It sounds AWESOME! :-D

  4. Janet says:

    well helloooooooooo get us all excited about it but no pics?? what’s up with that? lol I want a purple one and one blk and gold if you can do it?

  5. admin says:

    See Janet?? You are psychic too! :-D ALready now you are Dana! LOL I was thinking the same thing! I need to put up pics! I am going today to the flea market to finish buying my clay supplies. They sell the damn ovens WITH NO TRAYS! That is total BS!!!

    Wes was here last night playing with it and he came up with a great idea! He did a Celtic tea light. So now I’m thinking of a lighter holder with our Celtic design. I do have the purple, gold and black clay. I was playing around last night with it and made a black one. It will look really cool when I get the hang of it. I still need a little practice but there will be pics up in a few days.

    The stuff Colleen makes is incredible, I think once I get in the swing of it I will have some pretty cool stuff to sell. :-D

  6. Leila says:

    They sound beautiful! There’s no better way to spend time than being in the flow of creativity! I want to see pictures too!!! :-)

  7. admin says:

    Once I get some ready for show I will post the pics! Right now I’m still playing getting the hang of it. Denise & Wes are here now as we play around with our ideas. Wes has been really playing and being creative with it.

  8. Karen T. says:

    Yay! I would love a keychain! Have to see them Connie. Pics…yes, pics!

  9. Leo says:

    Those sound really neat, Connie. I’d love to see photos, too.

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