A friend posted this on her Facebook page, “I woke up this morning and heard, “You can’t rush reinvention. You can’t push perfection. It must be allowed to birth in its own time.” And suddenly it just got fun again. Thank you Angels for the reminder….I needed to hear that.” ~Morrighan~

Well, that message resonated with me too, as it did with many of us sitting, waiting for the right opportunity to come in for us to follow our heart’s desire, our passion, our Soul’s purpose. With feeling like a race horse stuck at the gate, these words made sense. Doesn’t mean I like it, not even a little bit, but it does make sense.

After spending the morning on the computer, I decided it was time to get my lazy ass off of Facebook and start doing the dishes. I put the music channel on so I wouldn’t have any distractions from my housework duties, and here I sit now blogging, still with some dishes in the sink. The irony of it all. Anyway, I said to Andrew, “it would be nice if you sent me one of my songs as I’m doing the dishes. I would love to have a message from you.” As you know, Andrew sends me messages in songs if I’m not paying attention to him personally. I then hear Andrew say to me, “Listen Mama!” So I listen to the words of the song that was playing, and at that moment I hear, “I need you to hear me say, breathe, just breathe, take the world off your shoulders and put it on me.” As you can imagine, that got my attention! Andrew was sending me a new song. While the song isn’t new, it was a new song to add to my collection of songs he has sent me. This song is Ryan Star’s “Breathe.”

I went to YouTube to watch the video. The tears streamed down my face as I could feel Andrew wanting me to really connect with the words of this song. He wanted me to know this is what he was saying to me. The video had real people, not actors, in it that were really out of work holding signs of what they did. My sign would be “Author of a powerful book, need kick ass promoter!” As I am watching this video, I see a video next to it, and it is of another song that Andrew has sent me. The Katy Perry song, “Fireworks.” Hmmm how weird, cha right, as if. Yes, the song is played out, but I still like it. The words in it are brilliant, to me anyway. Andrew sends it when I wonder if anything I do makes a difference. If all the work I have put into this book, the fact Andrew left, the work I have done healing grief, all the work I have done to get us out there, but keep finding closed doors, will any of this be worth it? Because I am really exhausted and need a break, in so many ways. A week on a Mediterranean cruise in 4 1/2 years is not enough refueling time for what I have had to deal with these past 4 1/2 years. But it was a great start! Some of my family are going again in June. Wish I could be with them!

I feel Andrew wanting me to watch the “Fireworks” video as I am listening to “Breathe.” I watch that video too since I have never seen it. I really don’t get to see music videos anymore since the so called music video stations do anything but play music videos. Well, except for at 3a.m. I found that out in the hospital.

Listening to these songs is like Andrew is having a conversation with me through them. Well, it’s not “like” he is, he IS talking to me with these songs. In the “Fireworks” video there is a cancer kid, and the cancer kid stands in the doorway where a woman is giving birth and there is fireworks from the baby as well as the cancer kid. Oh yes, the tears continue to fall. I could feel Andrew surrounding me with his love, and him letting me know that I can trust him, that he is indeed working on things, all of this has not been for nothing. He wants me to know that I don’t need to feel like I have to do it all. It really is an opportunity for me to practice patience. *ugh and sigh* Yeah I know, but it has to be done.

So I am going to just breathe and trust my Avatar son, who had to move on to his Higher purpose, has got this one for me. When I forget this, and make no mistake I will, it’s in a Wise One’s nature to do so, I will listen to these two songs and hear my son’s words to his Pretty Mama, and just breathe.

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