A friend of ours, Tom, that we met through the Irish Rover needed some computer help today. He got some sort of computer worm and lost his data. That was one thing Martin was pretty good at in his pre-medium career as a computer gee..I mean technician. I didn’t even think about our friend’s business when I dropped Martin off until Martin told me what happened when I saw him later. Then I was like “duh!” What business is Tom in? He owns 3 FUNeral homes. They can be like a hospital or courthouse, a haven for spirits, a nightmare for mediums. Surprisingly enough there wasn’t a bunch of spirits hanging around this place. Tom doesn’t use this particular facility for viewings. BUT there was one that showed up.

Martin heard someone ask him what he was doing and when he looked around to see who it was, no one was there. That’s when he “tuned in” and saw a tall, older, nice looking gentleman in a janitor/mechanic type uniform. Martin asked who he was and he said his name was Jimbo. Jimbo told Martin that he saw him walking in, meaning Jimbo saw the beam of light that mediums tend to emit that let spirits know they can be seen and or heard, so he decided to come by for a chat. Jimbo is from the 1930’s.

I actually learned something from Jimbo. Martin asked him if had seen the Light. Jimbo said, “Yes, been there done that. Met AA Michael and Jesus.” He continued, “I like hanging around on this dimension. It makes me happy.” The general rule of thumb, or belief for spirits on this dimension is that they are supposedly “stuck,” unable to move on. Apparently that is not the case. Who knew? Jimbo knew. I found that lil ditty of info interesting.

Jimbo took Martin on a little tour of the facility showing him where the kitchen was and the bathroom but not the “work room.” Jimbo continued to chat with Martin while Martin looked at Tom’s computer. Martin was careful not to answer out loud as not to scare Tom’s secretary. People tend to think you’re crazy when you start talking to what appears to be thin air. :-D Before Martin went outside with Tom, Jimbo said “Nice boy you have there.” How cool is that?!

Tom asked Martin,”How much do I owe you?” Martin heard Andrew say, “Tell him he owes you nothing Daddy.” Martin asked Andrew, “Why? Are we going to need his services soon or something? Are you trying to tell me something?” Andrew couldn’t stop laughing and said, “No, no no Daddy, my bad, just tell him he owes you nothing.” So Martin did.

My life with a medium is interesting to say the least!


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