It really is the simple things that we must acknowledge to stay connected to our TLOs. Don’t explain it away, or chalk it up to coincidence, instead allow the connection to your TLO happen. I know I have said this before, but it does bear reminding from time to time.

That’s what I did at work this past weekend. It was a fairly slow day at Olive Garden on Saturday, meaning it was my kind of day. I didn’t have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, I got to take it easy waiting on tables. With the weather being nice, well nice for those that like the heat and baking in the sun, and it being a Jewish holiday, I knew we would be slower.

I was standing by the cafe minding my own bees wax and saying goodbye to people as they were leaving when this young man caught my eye. He was around 15yo, tall and gangly like Andrew use to be at 13- 14yo trying to get use to his new tall, thin body. Andrew would come flopping out of room with arms and legs flying about. It was so funny to watch!

Some people would smile at me, some would say goodbye, others didn’t acknowledge me at all, but this young man looks me right in the eyes, smiles, and says, “Have a good day!” As our eyes met it was like everyone else disappeared and it was just us there. It hit me right in my heart! I was dazed for a few seconds as I watched him walk out with his family. I took those few moments to feel Andrew’s energy because I knew he was behind this. Yes, I did have to fight the tears for a split second, but it wasn’t hard, I was grateful for the moment. A moment in time that my son was sending his love to me through another.

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