Andrew is doing great as usual. I like that, great as usual. His appetite is down which is expected. He has a bit more nausea but not bad, they give him an extra drug for it so he is able to eat a bit at least. He’s feeling great and in high spirits! :dog So you know I’m loving that! It gets easier each time!

His numbers are fab! His platelets are 126,000!! :dog Can I hear a woot woot!! Go on say it, I can hear you!! :D His hemoglobin is at 97,000 and his ANC# was an astonishing 1611!! He hit the normal range! Wave ur hands in the air! :belly How he managed that is beyond me! It was 498 on Monday and Tuesday something was added wrong because Martin said his ANC 22 so we know something is wrong w/that picture! I looked at the 1611 and said, “Was that you that did that??” He said “No, it had nothing to do with me.”

Andrew said that he didn’t want to give them outta this world great numbers and really blow their minds because he’s thinking they will want to study him and he just wants to go home when he’s done.

We have another room mate again, another baby, ah don’t do it Angels!! No awwwwww! Altho he is cute and giggles all of the time and yes I am crying more than the baby! I miss having my own TV and the extra room *wipes tears* *feeling the snotters coming on* Uh oh here it comes….. Baaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaa

Gina C, one of his fav PICU nurses came by this a.m. It was good to see her. She was so great to him while he was in the PICU. She is w/o a doubt an Earth Angel. Andrew couldn’t have been in better hands. She treated him like he was her own. I just love her!

I have debated whether to post this or not as not to give it anymore energy. I am posting it because I want you to know just how much your love and prayers have made a difference!! When Martin had the big meeting with ALL the docs 4 weeks ago, they told him that they didn’t give Andrew much of a chance of surviving this. :eek It was slim to none. Martin said that was unacceptable! He also told them that when he fully recovers, he knows that all the work we’ve done would not be acknowledged and that’s ok because we know!

So pleeeease know how much we appreciate all the love, healing energy, prayers and support you have sent! It has, w/o a doubt, made a biggest difference!! All of you have helped us save our son!!

I’m in the parent room again because the wireless internet is down so I am going to go relax in my recliner and read Ester & Jerry Hick’s latest book, Astonishing Power of Emotions.


Magickal Blessings!

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