We were recently in Hollywood California, how happy was I? A. Very! I miss So-Cal! The weather, the mountains, the great hair days! Just love it! Yes the traffic sucks, but there’s ways around that. Martin’s job flew him out for a meet and greet and I tagged along. Airfare was cheap enough and I certainly wasn’t going to miss a trip to So-Cal. Well that, and the fact I still cant trusted to be left home alone.

Martin’s job invited 5 psychics out to have a round table discussion, readings for staff so they can refer clients, do a photo shoot, and make a video to promote themselves on the site. During one of the staff readings Martin was doing, their dog came through. Their dog didn’t pass, but wanted to come through with messages for this staff member. It brought tears to their eyes to hear these messages from their dog.

Martin says to Andrew, “Seriously Muck, now dogs are coming through that haven’t even crossed yet?” Andrew replied, ” You wouldn’t believe the talent that’s over here Daddy!” Well, I laughed so hard when I heard that one! Martin and I still laugh when we talk about it. Andrew always has the perfect, funny answer. He missed his calling as a comedian! Well on this dimension he did anyway.

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