Today was a pretty darn good day. Everyday we spend w/Andrew is apretty good darn day! Great infact! He had a restful night. He had some dilonton last night which is another drug of choice of his. :D He hasn’t had any dilonton today ot tonight. He said he felt hung over this a.m…..not that he’s been hung over b 4. But he had his LP today so he was sedated for that and groggy for a few hours later. He is not fussed about LP’s anymore. WHen he found out they were doin it in his room he said “Sweet!” :D  The only thing he doesn’t like about it is being sedated but he knows its better that he is.

If you ask him how he’s feeling he sez “AWESOME!” He said he can feel his throat feeling better too!! WOOO HOOO! :hula
He did have a fever of 39=102.2 for a bit but he sweated it out and his BP has been good!! Again WOOO HOOOO :hula

He told me last night that he knew he was healed, no question about it!! This kid has “The Secret” down! We put the movie on at least once a day. If you don’t know what I’m talking about….well , then get with the program for crying out loud!!!

My sister was up a few days ago and he was groggy and didn’t remember his foot massage that she gave him but remembered her being there. SHe said that he said if he wins the lottery that he was going to buy her a boat and take care of his Aunt Lisa. She said she had him sign something too! :lol :lol He then sez “Aunt Lisa, I take care of myself first now.” Even groggy he remembers it!! :D :D

He just got out of the shower and into brand new jammies my neice, Jessica, got him. No hospital gown. :hula His hair is still coming out but it doesn’t look it. His legs and arms are still hairy. My friend/hairdresser, Lori, is surprised that he’s not bald yet. It’s been 12 days since he’s been done with the 1st round of chemo, the hard stuff. If he needs more it won’t be as hard as what he had. The nurse said some kids lose only patches of hair, or just go bald and keep brows and lashes. SO who knows, it’s anyone’s guess. He looks like he’s going into the military is all. He still is a cutie patootie and everyone can’t believe how well he looks. He looks healthy! Well, that’s because he IS HEALTHY!

We love you all!!!!!! :blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss


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