Ok, I thought I was gonna have a bunch to write but I don’t think I do, I’m tired. We’ll see.

I was cleaning my room today and my puppy wanted up on my bed, he must’ve thought I was going to lay down or something when I was actually, now get this, going to cleaning my room. Weird huh?

Next thing I know Merlin’s acting all crazy. I ‘check in’ and I ‘know,’ & or ‘see,’ Andrew running around the bed playing with Merlin getting him all crazy like he use to do. I pick up Merlin and talk to him asking him if Andrew is messing with him, knowing full well he was. It’s then I ‘see’ Andrew standing beside me with his hands behind his back whistling innocently.

Martin has been telling me that the past few days Andrew has been sprinkling pink, sparklie lights on me. Believe me! I have needed it this week! Apparently, he’s trying out something new on me for Martin to turn into a meditation later. Glad I can be the guinea pig! :-D

THEN later on today I go shopping with Denise at Walmart then Publix, our grocery store, where I decide to par take in a bit of the grape and bought a bottle of my fav chardonnay wine, Fat Bastard. A wine I found when me and Christine use to go to wine tastings when she was living here. Ahhhh Fat Bastard, a beautiful wine! It’s 2 points and I worked out today for an hour and earned 9 points so I’m cool with my Weight Watcher’s points! *doing happy dance….that must be worth some more points!*

We’re at the check out and I have a decent amount of groceries. I’m chatting with the cashier, I’ve never seen her before and she CARDED ME! This is my FOURTH time getting carded since Andrew ascended!!! How cool is that!?? She takes my license and I see her face change when she sees my DOB, 8/15/61, she’s a little shocked. She looks at me, smiles then says “You look really good!” I thank her and tell her that she is now my new best friend! Sorry Denise.

SOOooooo as you can tell it was indeed a beautiful day!


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6 Responses to IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

  1. Jane says:

    OMG, now I have heard everything. A wine called ‘Fat Bastard”. That is too funny.

    And yes, I do believe doing a happy dance counts as bonus point/s. How much were you getting and putting into it? Cause that would determine the amount of points.

  2. Dana says:

    Oooo…we always knew you were a Gorgeous Goddess Connie! :D

    I went to a shindig with my oldest daughter (25 yrs old) a couple of weeks ago. All of her professors thought I was her sister! *jawdrops* I told one of them to keep lying to me ;) *grin*

    Pink sparklies eh? That sounds kewl! And you can ‘see’ Andrew! Hooray!

  3. Leila says:

    Hey! I’ll ask Andrew to sprinkle pink, sparklie lights on me today while I’m looking for places. If he wont do that then he can pass me a glass of Fat Bastard and help me pack this weekend :-)

    It’s All Good

    Much love


  4. Leo says:

    Aaah! How fun! Pink, sparkly dust sounds wonderful.

    You’re youthing! Yaaaay!
    Happy hugs,

  5. admin says:

    Oh yes Jane, Fat Bastard! We couldn’t believe it either. We LOAO! But it is really good.

    I know! The pink sparklies are cool. I don’t feel them any differently tho. Should be interesting to see what Andrew has planned with them for me. He’s such a good boy!

  6. Karen T. says:

    Picturing the pink, sparkly lights is soooo awesome! Love dust for the Pretty Mama! Yay!!

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