Today was a beautiful day! Wayne Dwyer was on at 3a.m. till 4:30a.m. he loves his PBS I tell ya! :lol SO when I was getting ready to go back to the clown house Andrew said, “It’s going to be a great day mama!” I said “Yup! It sure is because that’s how we’re setting it up.” And it was! Everything went smooth. His weight is still stable! It was peaceful and nothing out of the ordinary. We love that! Andrew was awake ALL day and just like his old self. We really LOVE that! He was on W.O.W. with his friends. If it weren’t for the fact we were in a hospital we wouldn’t know we were healing anything today! It felt normal! We love that!Andrew is confident all will go well with his remission and the transplant.

This 2nd time around has been so much easier! He’s doing well on the chemo. Nothing major happening. I was reading the kid’s book “Me And My Marrow” & it doesn’t look like the chemo he needs for the transplant is going to be any worse. He should be the same. :D I didn’t read anything different than what he’s going thru now. Infact he doesn’t have all the side effects! *sigh of relief* I think for me it’s not the worry of whether this is healed but what he has to go thru to get there. It’s been so hard to watch him go thru everything. Talk about feeling helpless?? But they show pics of kids that have healed leukemia in different stages. Soon after transplant up to 5 yrs. later. That helps!

Martin and I even went on a walk in the beautiful neighborhood by the clown house this evening. It really is beautiful! We were talking about the transplant and still trying to figure why Andrew is healing leukemia. Then discussing that Martin’s first cousin’s daughter has just healed aml leukemia at 11 months old like I mentioned before. How is it that TWO kids of first cousins are healing the same leukemia?? The first 2 of the family to ever have to heal it?? Hmmmm what’s the connection? Still dunno. Then Martin got chills when he realized HIS cousin was a perfect match for his own daughter’s transplant!! The odds just might be in our favor that Martin could match Andrew! :dog How freakin cool would that be??? Not sure if Martin’s age is a factor in this. The younger you are the more stem cells u have. Andrew would be like super human or psychic savant with Martin’s stem cells and marrow!! :lol :lol Only time will tell if he can.

Check this out! John Assaraf’s (from The Secret) office called my friend Denise today. SHe has signed up for his teleclasses. SO she knows his office is calling trying to sell her some coaching or something. He asked if she was driving and she said yes, she was on her way to ACH. She then talks about Andrew and how he is using The Secret and LOA to heal leukemia. Wellllll, he is going to call back on Monday to learn more about Andrew!! :hula :hula It may not mean anything but John Assaraf’s office is calling back to hear more about my Andrew??? That’s some exciting news people!! I’ll let u know how it goes!

:blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE :LOVEMagickal Blessings!

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