This whole journey w/Andrew has been, well, there are just no words to explain what it’s been like. There’s been great joy, there’s been unimaginable pain. A pain I never dreamed I would ever go through this life time! Sometimes I wonder how I will survive. But then Andrew has a word with me & gets me back on track.

I can’t even explain what I’m feeling now. It is a struggle staying in a joyful place because I miss him so very much. I expect him to come out of his room at any time! Then it hits me that he never will. Then I have flashes of him in the hospital and I miss those times so very much too! I still can’t believe I haven’t exploded from all the intense emotions going on inside me!

And to top it off I’ve had some nonsense to deal with from several different people. It’s insane how selfish, self serving and self centered people can be knowing what we are going through!
But then I get an incredible e-mail from someone proving that Andrew really hasn’t left me at all!! In fact he is very much alive & doing incredible things! I am hearing more and more how Andrew is touching people’s lives in such beautiful ways.

Andrew was very touched by all the love and support that was coming to him from everyone. Especially the Angel board I’m on because I got to read to him all the well wishes and love being sent to him. When I would read it to him he would have tears in his eyes. He was so very deeply touched that these people who he’s never met were sending so much love to him. He could feel it. It would appear now he is returning the favor as you will see in the next few paragraphs below………

Hi Connie,

I have to say Andrew is so present and amazing! I found myself actually talking to him last week when I was visiting my grandsons in Nevada. I babysat the 3 1/2 month old and 4 1/2 year old most of the day and night, while their dad was on business in China and my daughter had business and girls night out, a little R&R. Andrew was right there answering me every time I thought about him and also nudging me to remember what I had told him I wanted to do which is to donate in his honor to his parents.

I could actually see Andrew and feel him, I didn’t expect that not being a relative. He is so generous communicating and said beautiful things about you and Martin and about where he is.

He was always smiling, joking and had put on weight!

So of course, it was an awesome and incredibly uplifting experience and I didn’t expect it but I definitely received a healing from him and thanked him profusely as he reminded me not to forget about his parents.

Please forgive me, I asked him for proof that it was him……..not sure why, it didn’t change how I felt or anything, I was so high…after my beautiful encounter with him. I walked outside my daughter’s house with the baby in my arms and the 4/12 year old in tow and I saw a bow and arrow in the clouds. Now this was not a small bow and arrow this literally took up most of the sky we could see. I say we because my husband and 4 1/2 year old grandson saw it also. The same day we went to the strip in Las Vegas about 20 minutes from where my daughter lives and checked into a room at Cesear’s. I switched rooms because my grandson likes to watch the water show at the Bellagio through the windows and he was coming to spend time with us. Dylan and I pull up a chair to the windows and watch the water show below.

The hotel didn’t have water view rooms available when we first checked in. I asked my husband to go speak to a different person and voila, we had the water view room. We entered the room, I went to the window, I looked up in the sky and there was not one but two rainbows in the sky, one a golden rainbow and the other with all of the colors…next there was a bow and arrow. So I shed some tears and said “Thank You Andrew, and I promise to contact your mom when I return.”

Love you both very much, lots of hugs,

E-mails like these help me to stay focused on how amazing Andrew is now! I can’t thank you enough Val for sharing your beautiful moment with Andrew with me…..and now the world! It has done this Mama’s heart good!!
I Love You MUCK!! Thank you for being my Prince! I do choose Joy! And you’re right! It’s All Good!

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  1. Swati says:

    Wow…that was amazing!

    Connie, you said Andrew will never walk out of his room again….can you ask him to walk out of his room and show you? You know, Martin can see him. And Martin is helping you be more clairvoyant, so you will see him too. Not that it will take away what you miss physically. But its something…

    Sending you hugs…asking Love to surround you in warmth, asking Andrew to make his presence even more tangible for you.


  2. Karen T. says:

    This was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing Connie and thank you to Andrew for continually touching and healing the rest of us.

  3. jessica says:

    I believe it thats for sure! Its amazing the things that he sends it may be a litttle thing I notice to something big but I feel him all around and he shows me signs so I know he is always around you. I hope that he continues to to heal and touch you and all around I know he will now still because thats what he did every single day on his healing journey before, he touched so many people and still does! I LOVE YOU ANDREW…thank you for being you! love you aunt connie! xoxoxoxo

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